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Ch 29 bushong

Physics 29

What is the study of the response of the human eye to light? photometric or photometry
Luminous intensity ________ with increasing distance from the source. decreases
What is the best way to view a monitor? (cosine law) straight on
What is the basic photometric unit? lumen
What 3 things does an AMLCD have that is better than the cathode tube ray? 1)better contrast 2) gray scale definition 3)less intrinsic noise
What is a big disadvantage with AMLCD? 2 things! 1) loses contrast 2) luminous intensity from any angle
In the AMLCD, the liquid crystal ia a material state between ____________ and ___________. liquid and a solid
What type of display panels are almost all medical digital display devices? monochrome liquid display
AMLCD are designed to better reduce the influence of _________ ________ on image contrast. In your book! ambient light
Spatial resolution improves with the use of a __________ __________ display device? higher megapixel
What are medical flat panel digital display devices identified by? pixel size
Approximately ______% of the backlight is transmitted through the monochrome monitor, and only ________ of that through a color monitor 10 %, 1/2
_______ _______ must be reduced to near darkness for best viewing. ambient light
Preprocessing is _______, while postprocessing is __________. automatic, manual
What is signal interpolation? occurs when some of the pixels are defective and the surrounding pixels are averaged and the defective pixels are assigned that averaged number
___________ and ____________ are automatic calibration images designed to make response to the image receptor uniform. Also known as ______________ offset, gain images
The _______ the matrix size a digital display has, the better _______ __________ due to smaller pixels. larger, spatial resolution
What does PACS stand for? Picture Archiving Communication System
Name the 4 principal components of PACS. 1)Image acquisition system 2) display sys 3) network sys 4) storage system
_____ ______ allows you to register the image to correct for patient motion. pixel shift
Anything that can be done to a film to change its appearance occurs when? post processing
What is the national standard for transmission in teleradiology? DICOM
What are clients in PACS? various types of devices allowing for storage, retrieval, viewing images, workstations, dept and hospital mainframe, and secreterial work stations
What is the RIS of PACS? Radiology Information System
How do you determine the image size? product of the matrix size and gray scale bit depth
How do you calculate the file size of an image? matrix size X's grayscale
Matrix size is 1024X1024 and has a 2.0 byte gray scale. Calculate 1024 X 1024 = 1048576, multiply answer by 2= 2,097,152 or 2.1 mega bytes
What is teleradiology? the process of remote transmission and viewing of images
What are some of the things that the RIS function can do? message, mail utilities, calendar reporting, storage of text dadta, financial accounting
Created by: radgirl37