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terminology xr 106 2

flexion decreasing the angle between two bones; bending a body part
Harrington Rods prosthetic device internally attached to the spine for the correction of scoliosis
glenoid process he lateral portion of the scapula that forms the socket of the shoulder joint
herniated disc protrusion of the inner portion of the spinal disk on the spinal cord or spinal nerves
humerus the long bone of the upper arm
humpback term used for someone suffering from kyphosis
ileum the distal portion of the small intestine that is connected to the large intestine
ili/o upper portion
ilium the upper portion of the communicate bone
inferior meaning below
innominate bone one of the two composite bones that make up the pelvis
intervertebral disk a pad of fibrocartilage between vertebral bodies that cushion vertebral motion and absorbes shock
ischi/o lower portion
jejunum the second section of the small intestine
KUB the anteroposterior supine projection of the abdomen
kyphotic curve,kyphosis a posterior convex curvature of the spine
lamina the right or left posterior portion of the vertebral notch
laminectomy surgical removal of the lamina and spinous process
lithium medication used to treat the manic phase of bi-polar disorder
lordotic curve, lordosis an anterior convex curvature of the spine
lumbar spine the 5 vertebrae located inferior to the thoracic spine
mastoid process round projection on the temporal bone behind ear
morphology shape
nucleus pulposus the soft pulpy center of the intervertebral disk
nueral canal the space between the vertebral body and the vertebral arch through which the spinal cord passes
occlusal pane the lower surface of the upper teeth
osteoarthritis a degenerative joint disease
osteomyelotis inflammation of the bones and bone and bone marrow secondary to infection
osteoporosis decrease in bone density thinning and weakening of the bone
pars interarticularis the narrow segment of bone between the superior and inferior articular process
pedicle the right and left anterior portions of the vertebral arch on either side of the vertebral body
pelvic tilt the degree of variance between the lumbar and sacral anterior to posterior angulation in the standing position
phonate to utter speech sounds; vocalize
primary osteoporosis osteoporosis that is not caused by an underlying disease classified as type1 or type11
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