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Bushong ch 26,27

Ch 26, 27 Digital radiography/fluoro

What improves spatial resolution but also increases patient dosage? reduced pixel size
When was digital radiography first used in a clinical setting? 1980's
Photodiodes and ________ are light sensitive devices that collect ________ ___________. CCD's, light photons
Pixel size limits ____________ ___________. spatial resolution
What portion of the beam contributes to the image? 80 %
What is the fill factor ratio? 80 % contributes to the film, 20 % doesn't
Scanned projection radiography results in better contrast but limited _______ __________. spatial resolution
_________ _________ is the capture element in CR. photostimulable phosphor
The CCD is the _________ _________ _________ used in digital cameras and surveillance cameras. light sensitive element
When the CCD can respond to very low levels of visible light, this is said to be____________. sensitivity
The dynamic range of the CCD is able to respond to a wide range of ________ __________. light intensities
How big is a CCD? 1 to 2 cm in size
The coupling device transfers the __________________ to the collection element. x-ray generated signal
The way in which the x-ray is recorded? capture element
____, __________, or __________ can be collection elements. photodiode, CCD, thin-film transistor
What determines the speed in screen-film radiography? gadolinium oxysulfide thickness
In digital fluoroscopy, the patients dose ________ with the use of a CCD. decreases
Digital Fluoroscopy is a digital x-ray imaging system that produces _______ __________ obtained within an ___________________. dynamic images, area x-ray beam
Energy and temporal are types of what? digital subtraction methods
What are the 3 advantages the CCD has in in imaging? sensitivity, size, and dynamic range
Name some principal usages the CCD provides in digital fluoroscopy imaging. high spatial reolution, unlimited life, high SNR, no warm up required, lower pt dose
In DR, spatial resolution is determined by _____________ and _______________. pixel size, image intensifier size
Crystalline silicon is used for what purpose? Its the sensitive component of the CCD
What is the main concern in hybrid imaging? pt's movement
Hybrid uses _______ and ______ subtraction. temporal, energy
Digital fluoro with a CCD added produces higher _______ __________ than regular x-ray. light sensitivity
What are the indirect DR processes? cesium iodide/CCD and cesium iodide/amorphous silicon (CsI/CCD, CsI/a-Si)
What is an indirect process in DR? x-rays are first converted to light then to an electrical signal
When was digital mammo promoted? In the 1990's
What is the direct process in DR called? Amorphous selenium( a-Se)
What is a direct capture in DR? the beam interacts directly with the a-Se to produce the electric signal
What 2 In DR, what 2 elements have the same properties and principles? cesium iodide/amorphous silicon, gadolinium oxysulfide
The ______________________ is easier to view and manipulate, provides better images, and is replacing the Cathode tube ray? Flat panel imaging display or FPID
What is the DF system controlled primarily by? image matrix size, system dynamic range, image acquisition rate
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