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RAD 136 Facial Bones

RAD 136 Facial Bone Projections

Lateral Facial Bones 8 x 10 LW, IOML Perp to IR Edge, CR: To Zygoma (midway btwn EAM & Outer Canthus), 40" SID, DEMOS: Zygomatic Bones in center, (70 kVp/8mAs)
Caldwell (PA Axial) Facial Bones 10 x 12 LW, OML Perp to IR, CR: 15° Caudal, Exit at Nasion, 37" SID, DEMOS: Petrous Ridges in lower 1/3 of orbits, (75kVp/18mAs)
Waters PA (Parietoacanthial) Facial Bones 10 x 12 LW, MML Perp to Table, CR: Exit at Acanthion, 40" SID, DEMOS: Petrous ridges just inferior to Maxillary Sinuses, (80kVp/18mAs)
SMV Zygomatic Arches 8 x 10 CW, IOML Parallel to IR, CR: MSP btwn Zygomatic Arches @ 1.5" inferior to Mandible Symphysis, 40" SID, DEMOS: Zygomatic Arches lateral from each Mandible Ramus, (65kVp/6mAs)
Tangential Zygomatic Arches 8 x 10 LW, IOML Parallel to IR, Rotate Head 15° & tilt chin 15° towards affected side, CR: To Zygomatic Arch of interest, 40" SID, DEMOS: Single zygomatic arch free of superimposition of parietal bone or mandible, (65kVp/6mAs)
Modified Townes Arches (AP Axial) "Jug Handle" 10 x 12 LW, **In Table Bucky**, IOML Perp to Table, CR: 37° Caudal, 1" Superior to Glabella, exit at level of Gonion, 33" SID, DEMOS: Symetrical Bilateral Zygomatic Arches @ center of IR, (70kVp/30mAs)
PA Mandible 8 x 10 LW, OML Perp to IR, CR: Exit at lip junction, **PA Axial - CR 25° to 30° cephalic, exit @ Acanthion**, 40" SID, DEMOS: PA - Mandibular Rami & lateral portion of body visible, PA Axial - Condylar Processes are well visualize, (75kVp/12mAs)
Oblique Mandible 15° General Survey 8 x 10 CW, Head in TRUE Lateral, IOML Parallel to Tranverse Axis then rotate tip of nose toward IR 15°, CR: 25° Cephalic, Enter @ Gonion, 35" SID, DEMOS: Ramus & body w/out superimposition or foreshortening, (75kVp/5mAs)
"Low" Townes Method (AP Axial) Mandible 8 x 10 LW, **In Table Bucky**,OML Perp to IR, CR: 35° Caudal center to Glabella, 33" SID, DEMOS: Symmetrical condyloid processes & visualization of condyle/TM fossae relationship, (80kVp/16mAs)
Bilateral Nasal Bones **Table Top Only**,8 x 10 CW,Head in TRUE Lateral, IOML Perp to IR edge, CR: Enter at 1/2" inferior to Nasion, 40" SID, DEMOS: Nasal Bones,(55kVp/3mAs)
AP/PA Rhese (Parientoorbital Oblique Optic Foramen) 8 x 10 LW, AML Perp to IR, Rotate head 37° toward affected side as so chin,cheek, and nose are touching IR, CR: Center at midportion of downside orbit, 40" SID, DEMOS: Projects optical foramen into lower outer quadrant of orbit(PA-DS,AP-US),(80kVp/18mAs)
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