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RCP113 U5 Q&A

Cardiac Unit Q&A

What does an Inotropic drug do? It influences the contractility of the heart.
What does a Chronotropic drug do? It influences the rate of the heart.
What is Ejection Fraction? The percentage of end diastolic volume that is ejected with each beat. Normal EF is 65-70%
What is cardiac preload? Tension (from blood in the ventricle) on the cardiac muscle as it begins to contract.
What is cardiac afterload? The amount of resistance the heart must pump against. Systemic Vascular Resistance (blood pressure) is the key factor in afterload.
What is Pulmonary Vascular Resistance? The resistance the right ventricle must pump against to provide flow through the pulmonary circuit.
What is the cardiac result of an Alpha Blocker? Vasodilation-Alpha Blockers block vasoconstriction
What is the cardiac result of a Beta Blocker? Decreases heart rate and contractility. *Also blocks bronchodilation
What is the result of a Vasopressor? Vasoconstriction/Increased blood pressure
What is the result of a Vasodilator? Decreased blood pressure
How do you calculate Cardiac output? CO= HR x Stroke Volume Normal SV: 60-130ml/beat Normal CO: 4-8lpm
How do you calculate Cardiac Index? CO/Body Surface Area Normal: 2.5-4lpm/m²
What three factors influence Stroke Volume? Fiber stretch(preload) Contractility Arterial pressure(afterload)
How do you define Cardiac Flutter? Atrial beats >200bpm
How do you define Cardiac Fibrillation? Chaotic rhythm of any part of the heart.
What is Asystole? Cardiac standstill
Created by: JimStry