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Wordly Wise- List 4

Acquire to gain ownership of something; to get by one's efforts or actions. Something that is acquired
Antagonize to make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike
Competent having the ability to do what is needed. The ability to do what is needed.
Comprise 1. to form; make up 2. to consist of or include
Correspond 1.to match; to be equal to 2. to exchange letters with another person The act of exchanging letters; the letters that are being exchanged.
Dilapidated in poor condition from neglect or age
Illustriuos very famous; outstanding
Incident something that happens in real life or in a story; an event, often of little importance
Inherit 1. to receive something from someone after that person's death. 2. to receive, as part of one's physical or mental make-up, from one's parents
Latitude 2. the distance north or south of the equator, measured in degrees. 2. A region as marked by it's distance from the equator. 3. freedom from strict rules
Loath unwilling; reluctant
Maintain 1. to declare something to be true. 2. to continue in the same way or condition 3. to keep in good condition
Renovate to make like new again. the act of renovating; the thing renovated.
Reprimand to scold in a harsh or formal manner. a strong scolding from someone in authority.
Supervise to direct or manage activities. the act of managing or directing. a person who manages or directs activities
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