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Medical Imaging.2011

What are the two careers in Medical Imaging? Radiologist and a Radiologic Tech.
Brachytherapy... involves using radionuclide sources to treat tumors inside the body.
a CT scan... obtains transverse cross-sectional views.
working after hours "on call" is a job performed by a... Radiologic Tech.
Perform a procedure correctly for the ______ time to eliminate retakes. first
Maintain a safe distance of at least _______ away from radiation. 6 feet
Individuals under the age of ____ are not allowed to work around radiation. 18
explaining all procedures is a job performed by a... Radiologic Tech.
A __________ might have to transport patients. Radiologic Tech.
Non-invasive procedures are usually performed on... bones
________ Medicine Techs. can perform a Gallium Scan Nuclear
A Sialogram is an example of an _______ procedure. Invasive
an IV Pyleogram checks the ________,________, and __________. kidneys,bladder,ureter
an upper GI esam checks the esophagus, ________, and _________. stomach, duodenum
a cystogram checks the urinary... bladder
cobalt 60 is an example of... external beam therapy
determining a tumor treatment plan for a client is a job for a... Radiation Oncologist
______ specialize in the use of radiant energy to diagnose and treat dz. Radiologist
the two different types of radiologists are... Diagnostic and Radiation Oncologist
How is an ECG performed? A technician will place 6 small adhesive electrode pads on chest. Insulated wires will connect each of these 10 pads to the ECG machine.
What equiptment is used during an ECG? wand and ECG machine
What is an ECG looking for? abnormal electrical activity of the heart.
Who reads an ECG? Medical Doctor
What kind of tech performs an ECG? sonographer
Who produces diagnostic images of breast tissue? Mammographer
Created by: alishanicole