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random stack001

world civ (brock)

depression a period of low economic activities
collective bargaining right of unions to negotiate with employers
keynes published general theory of employment, intrest, and money
FDR president during great depression
totalitarian state a government that aims to control everything
fascism political philosipy that glorifies state above individual
new economic policy modified versiob of the old capitalist system adopted by lenin
collectivization peasants farm government's land
mussolini established european fascism
stalin soviet dictator
franco general in spain
reichstag german parliment
concentration camp summer camp for jews
hitler hated jews
himmler director of SS
three reasons for ww1 assasination of ferdinand, militarism
who were members of the triple alliance? triple entente? france, great britan, russia germany, austria, italy
what happened on june 28th 1914? who was involved? archduke and duchess were killed
what was princip's problem with ferdinand? what was princip's group called? wanted serbia to be free. the black hand.
who joins to help serbia? who joins to help ah? why does england join? russia, england, france. germany, italy