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Shakespear cards

for shakespear quiz

Whither To where
Whence from where
hence from here
thence from there
hither top here
thither to there
ere before
Wherefore why
An An' or And If
Thou hast you have
thou art you are
dost thou not don't you
sakespear facts #1 Shakespear married a women named ann hathaway
sakespear fact #2 His 1st child was named Sussanna
shakespear fact #3 He had twins
shakespear fact #4 He died on his birthday (supposevly)
shakespear fact #5 He lived in Srtadford apon Avon
alliteration Repition of a letter at the beigining of each of each word in a sentence
smilie A comparison using like or as
metephor A coparison without using like or as
personification giving a non-living item an giving it human charachteristics/capabilities
comedy a pice of work that is intended to be funny and has a happy peaceful ending
The waves danced on the shore is an example of: personification
I am as ugly as a bear simile
A biscut, A box of biscuts and a biscut mixer 3x alliteration
Sally was a mountain, never in my life had I seen someone who was 7'3" metephor
iamb a group of two syllables Unstressed stressed
penta five
meter the rythymatic beat of poetry
iambic pentameter 5 iambs
Created by: HORSELUV