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psychology at gtcc

general psychology

ID made up of inheritable instinct self serving impulsive irrational, in the ID sex, aggression
ego directs the personality by matching the desires of the ID with external
reality the ego works at a conscious level
frued representation of the mind
personality sum total of all the ways thinks acts feels tipical from all others
Anal stage-1 to 3 years old according to freud the second psychosexual stage in which gratification is focused on the anus
Phallic stage-3 to 6 years according to frued the thrid psyschosexual stage in which gratification is focused on the genitals.
Oedipus complex a son's to kill the father and sexually posses of their mother
Electra complex a dauter's sexual attraction to the father
penis envy a womens desire to posses a penis
Lantency stage-6 to 11 the forth pyschosexual stage during which sexual energy is sublimated and converted into socially valued activities.
anal retentative a personality type that is the person is stingy, obstinate, stubborn, and compulsive.
anal expulsive a personality type that is cruel, pushy, messy, and disorderly
oral stage- first year of birth the infants earliest source of id gratification is the mouth example is biting, chewing, and swallowing
oral agressive personality a personality type that gets pleasure through over eating and being to gulable
abnomality degree of imporment person is imobilized,harm to yourself
mental illness has been with us since the beginning of time 1600 middle of ages was known as super natural :treatment- potions
panic disorder characterized by an attack by of acute anxiety not trigered :symptoms-heavy sweating pounding of the heart shacking nosia chills shortness of breath :treatment-zanix
generalized anxiety - disorder- :symptoms- restlessness easily fatigued difficulty concentrating irratibility disturbed sleep- :feel it all the time and its mild treatment anti anxiety
phobia intense un realistic fear anxiety is so intense that a person goes to great length to avoid it
specific phobia fear of one realitive specific things :example:animals
social phobia- persistant fear in which a person is exposed to possible scrutiny by others fears in which he or she may do something or act in a way that is embarressing afraid of people hearing you in the restroom
agoraphobic lose of bladder
obsessive compulsive disorder recurrent obsecion or compulsive sufficeatly severe to cause mark distree
major depression a depressed mood or loss of interest of pleasure in all or most all activities for at least 2 weeks :symptoms:loss of appitiete sl
bipolar disorder heading of dianosis of manic equal between men and women ex
Created by: matthew.finch92
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