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A large-scale music drama that contains poetry, acting, scenery, and costumes with singing and instrumental music. Opera
A solo song with instrumental accompaniment Monody
Where the music must reflect the text Doctrine of the Affections
a male singer who was castrated during boyhood in order to preserve the soprano or alto register of voice for the rest of his life. Castrato
the person who writes the text Librettist
serious Italian opera Operia Seria
A vocal genre for solo singers, chorus, and instrumentalists based on a lyric or dramatic poetic narrative. Cantata
A hymn tune specifically associated with German Protestantism Chorale
a short organ piece in which a traditional choral melody is established. Chorale Prelude
a large-scale dramatic genre with a religious or biblical text performed by solo voices, chorus, and orchestra Oratorio
a lyric song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment, generally expressing intense emotion. Aria
Italian for "continuous bass" Basso Continuo
an association of amateur musicians, popular in the Baroque era. Also a modern university ensemble dedicated to the performance of early music. Collegium Musicum
an introductory movement, as in an opera or an oratorio, often presenting melodies from arias to come. Overture
a baroque practice consisting of an independent bass line that often includes numerals indicating the harmony to be supplied by the performer. Figured Bass
the tuning system based on the division of the octave into twelve equal half-steps: the system used today Equal Temperament
a short instrumental work, found in the Baroque opera, used to facilitate scene changes. Sinfonias
a concerto type based on the opposition between a small group of solo instruments and the orchestra. Concerto Grosso
an instrumental genre in several movements for a solo instrument and orchestra Concerto
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