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Catcher Characters

Review of various characters from Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye

Holden's brother that died of leukemia when he was eleven Allie
Holden's brother that is "prostituting" himself in Hollywood D.B.
Holden's teacher from Whooton that Holden thinks made a pass at him Antolini
Holden's teacher from Pency Prep that he visits before leaving Spencer
Holden's roommate that goes on a date with Jane and hints at giving her "the time" Stradlater
Holden's annoying neighbor at Pency Prep Ackley
Holden's friend from Whooton that advises him to see a psychoanalyst Luce
Beats up Holden for only paying $5 instead of $10 and for calling him a moron Maurice
Cab driver that Holden asks about the ducks Horowitz
Holden remembers playing chess with her and has a lot of respect for her Jane Gallagher
On the train, Holden tells her he has a tumor and lies about her son's popularity Mrs. Morrow
A girl that doesn't mind having sex Faith Cavendish
Holden's sister that he buys the "Little Shirley Beans" record for Phoebe
Main character in the book Phoebe writes Hazle Weatherfield
DB's ex-girlfriend Lillian Simmons
Holden says he can't sleep with her because he just had an operation Sunny
Holden talks with them about Romeo and Juliet The nuns
Holden takes her to the movies and calls her while at the Wicker Bar Sally Hayes
Created by: raabstel
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