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Samies extra help

help for sam from hailey in social studies quest

canaan homeland of the hebrews located northeast of egypt and west of babylon
judaism the religon of the hebrews
monotheism belife in one god
covenant special agreement binding god to the israelites
exodus the journy of the hebrews out of egypt
10 commandments a code of moral law
passover holiday remembering the exodus
high holy days the 2 most sacred jewish holidays (yom kippur, rosh hashananah)
torah the most sacred text of judaism contains the basic laws and traces the history of the israelites
talmud set of commentaries and lessons for every day life
seder meal eaten by jews during passover
prophet a person who is a mesangers from god to his people
menorah branched candlestick symbolized the spiritual light and guidence
diaspora scattering of jews outside of israel and judah
rabbi religious leader and teacher
synagogue jewish house of worship
zealots the most rebelilious group of jews
abraham founder of monotheism
moses leader of the exodus
david israelite king - defeated the philistines, united the israelites, established the capital of israel in jerusalem
solomon israelite king- built the great temple in jerusalem
saul first king good military leader was not a strong king never won total support of trible
describe the land and climate of canaan it veries from place to place there are plains hot mountins rivers where it is cool deserts hills grass land
in what areas was farming posible near the rivers and bodies of water
****** how did the isrelittes come to settle in canaan god told moses it was a good place 2 go but b4 he told moses he told abraham
****** scince farming is difficult in mannty areas then what do ppl do for an occupation they heard
whta caused many israelites to move to egypt the famen
what did moses do to covince the pharoh to release his ppl he caused the great miricles
what is the journey from egypt to canaan called the exodus
what are the 10 commandments (as a group) how did the israelites get them they are a code of moral law they came to moses
how did the israelites get there name jacobs named was changed
give an example of a jewish prophet moses
*****what is a covenant what does it require special agreement binding god to the israelites you have to keep the agreement
who was the 1st king of the israelites david
which early israelites king built the main temple in jerrusalem soloman
what event led to the diaspora the babilonians kicked the jews out
name 3 powers that invaded canaan romans egyptions philistines
********why were the countries so intent on controlling this area for its population (more ppl = BIGER ARMIES)
Created by: hf2303
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