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Social studies

What's a plateau? A raised area of level land bordered on one or more sides by steep slopes or cliffs.
What is fertile? It is able to support plant life.
What is an archipelago? A group of islands.
What is population density? The average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer.
What's a monsoon? a wind that changes direction with the changee of season
What's a typoon? A tropical storm that develops over th epacific ocean with winds that reach speeds greater than 74 mph.
What's deciduous? Falling off or sheding, as in leaves, seasonally or at a certain stage of development.
What is a developing country? A country that has little industrial production and little modern technology
What's a developed country? A country with many industries and a well-developed country.
What's a terrace? A level area in a hillside.
What is double-cropping? To grow two or more crops on the same land.
What's an emperor? A male ruler of an empire.
What's a dynasty? A series of rulers from the same family.
What is a calan? A group of families with a common ancestor.
What's cultural diffusion? The spreading of ideas or practices from one culture or other cultures.
What is a communist? Relating to a g overnment that controls a country's large industries, businesses, and land.
What is a commune? A community in which people own land as a group and where they live and work together.
what is a dialect? A variation of a language that is unique to a region or an area.
What's a nomad? A person who has no settled home but who moves from place to place.
What is homeogenous? Identical or similar.
What's a ethnic group? A group of people who share such charactericts as langege,religon and ancestry.
What is radical? Extreme
What are red guards? Groups of students who carried out Mao Zedong's policies during the cultural revoltion.
What is Free enterprise system? An economic system in which people can choose their own jobs, start private businesses, own property, and make a profit.
What's Gross Domestic product? The total value of all goods and services produced in an economy.
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