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Ch. 24 CNS

Ch 24 CNS Merrills

How many spinal nerves are there? 31 pairs
What are the 2 main parts of the CNS? brain, spinal cord
What is the largest part of the brain? cerebrum
What is the name of the large band of nerve fibers between the right and left hemisphere? corpus callosum
What is the name of the nerves at the end of the spinal cord? cauda equina
What are the 3 layers that enclose the brain and spinal cord? Pia matter, arachnoid, Dura matter
Name the 2 interventional radaiology procedures used to treat compression fractures in the spine? Vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty
4 irregular shaped cavities that communicate with one another through connecting channels? ventricles
____________ is the preferred examination method for assessing disc disease in patients with contraindications to MRI. Myelography
Where does the spinal cord end? L-1 to L-2 space
A lumbar puncture is made at ________ or _________ space. L-2, L-3 or L-3, L-4
What is an example of a contraindication for an MRI when a lumbar puncture is needed? pacemaker, metal fusion rods
How much of an angle is needed for post myelogram procedure? 30 to 45 degrees
What is the degree of angle needed for a lumbar puncture? 0 degrees
AVM's, seizures, and metastatic disease is common indications for this type of modality with and without contrast. CT
What is often the first choice to evaluate head injuries and spine trauma? CT
What modality is used for assessing MS? MRI
This modality is useful in the evaluation of Alzheimers, Huntingtons disease, cancer, and Schizophrenia? PET Positron emission tomography
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