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Quiz Blitz Words

being placed into God's family and regarded as a true son with all the privileges and responsibilites that belong to that new rshp. adoption--The Verdict Is In!
confidence that one possesses eternal life through trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ assurance of salvation--Better Than a Bank
the new birth to spiritual life that a person experiences by trusting in Jesus Christ as Savior born again--- Who's Winning?
to rid of impurities by or as if by washing. cleanse----Start the Washing Machine
to reveal or make known sins to God (and sometimes man) and ask for forgiveness confess----Start the Washing Machine
the act of God bringing the world into ordered existence creation----Handmade & Intelligent Faith
Word of Life's discipleship process for encouraging growth in your walk with Christ creative discipleship----Your Personal Spiritual Life Coach
Incapable of doing anything to merit salvation depraved----Guilty until Proven Innocent
Satan, the fallen, evil angel Lucifer who is the adversary and enemy of God devil---Don't Fall for the Same Old Tricks
one who receives instruction from another; a learner, a pupil disciple---You the Man!
an outward sign; something that furnishes proof evidence---Follow the Evidence
the theory that living organisms gradually change by themselves from one "kind" into another evolution---Intelligent Faith & Handmade
trusting, believing, or taking God at His Word; having a confident assurance of unseen things faith---Intelligent Faith
the historic event in which Adam disobeyed God with the result that sin and death entered the human race. fall of man---Don't Fall for the Same Old Tricks
the like-mindedness and mutual acceptance of people who hold something in common. fellowship---The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree
the gracious act of God in removing the charges against sinners because Christ paid the penalty for their transgressions. forgiveness---Start the Washing Machine/The Verdict Is In!/Catastrophe
the future aspect of salvation that will save every believer from the presence of sin when they meet Christ in Heaven. glorification---Have You Been Accepted?
Behavior reflecting the character of God. godliness---God's Kind of Lady
the good news of God's salvation of man made possible by Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. gospel----Your Testimony is Important!
undeserved and unmerited favor. grace---The Greatest Gift Ever
the intermediate place of torment for unsaed souls as the await their final judgement at the Great White Throne Hell(Hades)---The Horrors of Hell
the quality of being without pride, having a proper view of self. humility----Handmade
a tangible or visible representation. image---The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree
to charge to one's account impute---Guilty until Proven Innocent
to declare one righteous who, by faith, has accepted the sacrificial work of Christ justification---Have You Been Accepted? & The Verdict Is In!
a literal lake of fire that will be the place of eternal punishment for Satan, his angels, and all who are not found written in the book of life. lake of fire---Heads Up! & The Horrors of Hell
those who are not saved from sin and judgment by faith in Jesus Christ lost---Lost, Confused, and Needing Help
a philosophical theory that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and scientific laws. naturalism---The Ultimate Question
the belief that there is not truth in traditional values or religious beliefs and that even existence is meaningless. nihilism---The Ultimate Question
the turning away of God's wrath toward sinful man made possible by Christ's death on the cross. propitiation---Satisfaction Guaranteed
an intentional decision to remove sin from one's life. put off---Who's Winning?
an intentional decision to add something to one's life. put on---Who's Winning?
time alone wiht God praying, reading His word, and applying its truth to one's life. Quiet Time---An Appointment with God
the securing of release based on the payment of a price ransom---In My Place
a change of relationship from hostility to harmony and peace between two parties. reconciliation---Satisfaction Guaranteed
deliverance or freedom secured by payment of a price redemption---In My Place
to change one's mind or purpose repentance---Please Do Not Look at this Lesson!
deliverance from the power and effects of sin through the person and work of Jesus Christ. salvation---Guilty Until Proven Innocent/Heads Up!/ The Greatest Gift Ever
the work of the Holy Spirit to make believers more like the Lord Jesus Christ. sanctification---Have You Been Accepted?
the lack of conformity to, or transgression of, the law of God. sin---Catastrophe!/Heads Up!
supreme authority and rule of God sovereignty---Our Government Under God
the manager or superintendent of another's resources and possessions steward---What's Yours is His
accountability of how we handle that entrusted to us. stewardship---What's Yours is His
to yield to the control or authority of another. submit---God's Kind of Lady & Our Government, Under God
the act of Christ suffering death on the cross to pay the penalty as a substiute for humanity's sin. substitution---In My Place
an enticement to do evil. temptation---Don't Fall for the Same Old Tricks
a declaration of events as witnessed or experienced by an individual. testimony---Your Testimony is Important!
a philosophy that asserts the importance of the spiritual over the material. transcendentalism---The Ultimate Question
the overstepping of a law, command, or duty transgression---Please Do Not Look at this Lesson!
to share with another what Christ has done for you. witness(verb)---Rescue the Perishing
Created by: raindrop79