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Laubusch SE Terms

SE Terms to Know

Dangerous storm with heavy rains and high winds. Hurricane
Natural substances found in rocks Minerals
Low area of land that is covered by water at least part of the year. Swamp
These are people who travel for fun. Tourists
Type of food that is hot, spicy, and delicious. It is all the rage in New Orleans. Cajun
Soil carried downstream by the river, builds up to make this triangle-shaped area at the end of a river. Delta
A place where minerals are scraped from the surface of the ground. Strip Mine
New Orleans is the birthplace of this kind of music. Jazz
Another name for oil, is a thick, black, oil liquid that is found deep in the earth and under Petroleum
Relative who lived long ago. Ancestor
Is a large farm. Plantation
Vast swamp that covers the sourthern tip of Florida. Everglades
A stream flowing through swampy land. Bayou
Most important mineral found in Appalachia, used to heat homes and produce electricity. Coal
Memphis is famous around the world as the home of this kind of music. Blues
A great trumpet player that played jazz. Louis Armstrong
Huge platforms used in drilling for oil that holds the machiery. Rigs
Separation of people because of race. Segregation
This factory turns petroleum into useful products. Refinery
Created by: blaubusch