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Laubusch SE Places

SE Places to Know

Vast swamp which covers the southern tip of Florida. More than 300 kinds of birds live there. Everglades
Stretched across the country from Florida to Calfornia, these states have mild climate all year long, which means it is usually warm and sunny. Sun Belt
First permanent English settlement in America. Jamestown
Mountainous region, covers most of West Virginia and parts of 12 other states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Appalachian Mountain Range
Visitors learn about space exploration here. Kennedy Space Center
Largest city in Louisiana, located near the mouth of the Mississippi River. New Orleans
The Civil Rights Memorial is located here, it honors 40 Americans who were killed during the civil rights movement. Montgomery, Alabama
Many oil rigs are located here. Gulf of Mexico
Center of the Mississippi Delta, which stretched from Kentucky and Arkansas to the mouth of the Mississippi River. Memphis, Tennessee
This cities beautiful homes, which were not hurt in the American Civil War, is the city's main tourist attraction. Natchez, Mississippi
Created by: blaubusch