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Indo 1

pelantikan swearing in ceremony
supaya so that, in order to
ahli keuangan financial expert
pertumbuhan growth (ekonomi, etc)
menandatangani to sign
art(ist) seni(man)
sing bernyanyi, menyanyi
singer penyanyi
to blame menyalahkan
to accuse menuduh, menuding
merdeka, kemerdekaan independent, independence
bebas, kebebasan free, freedom
non-profit nirlaba
profit laba, keuntungan
gembong (narcoba) (drug) kingpin, leader
to move bergerak
a movement gerakan
thin, thick tipis, tebal
trade, trade policy perdagangan, kebijakan perdagangan
alasan, penyebab reason, cause(r)
completely (fully) sepenuhnya
completely sama sekali, serba
to limit, limited membatasi, terbatas
to control mengendalikan, menguasai
to manage mengelola, mengatur
melaksanakan, menerapkan implement
to arrest, to catch menangkap
an arrest penangkapan
controlled terkendalikan
to explore jajaki, menyelidiki, menjelajah
maintenance, restoration pemeliharaan
memelihara maintain, keep, preserve
lapis(an) layer
beku, membeku frozen, to freeze
to melt, to liquify mencair, mencairkan
persegi square
persegi panjang rectangle
lingkaran circle
oval oval
segi tiga triangle
kubur, mengubur bury
penguburan burial
kuburan cemetery
berbau smelly (to emit a smell)
to smell mencium
to kiss mencium
corpse mayat
corpse (human) jenazah
wise bijaksana, arif
wisdom kebijaksanaan, kearifan
especially khususnya
influence, to influence pengaruh, mempengaruhi
impact dampak, pengaruh
a fight, a struggle perjuangan, perkelahian
to fight berjuang, berkelahi
a battle, to battle pertempuran, bertempur
a match, competetive fight pertandingan
tribe suku
village desa, kampung
success, failure keberhasilan, kegagalan
to succeed berhasil
to find menenumkan
passenger, pilot, flight attendant penumpang, penerbang, pramugara/pramugari
a harvest, to harvest panen, memanen
a commercial brand merek
a nurse perawat
to care for mengurus
merawat to treat, tend
a war, WWII perang, Perang Dunia Kedua
to protect melindungi, menjaga
to defend membela, mempertahankan
to (not) make sense (tidak) masuk akal
hasil outcome
penghasil producer
penghasilan income
pendapatan income, earnings
menunjuk to point or appoint
tunjuk to point
unjuk to show
pengunjuk protestor
penunjukan appointment (to a position)
cuma-cuma free
bekas former, used
mantan former (president, official, etc)
wakil vice- or representative
service pelayanan, jasa
disetujui agreed to, approved, confirmed
to convince meyakinkan
labor union serikat buruh
equipment, supplies perlengkapan
to supply, to provide menyediakan
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