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Europe Review

Capital of the United Kingdom London
Capital of Denmark Copenhagen
Capital of Germany Berlin
Capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam
Capital of Italy Rome
Capital of Spain Madrid
Capital of Russia Moscow
Capital of Greece Athens
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland Scandinavia
Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland United Kingdom
What country is the leading export of oil in Europe? Norway
The ethnic group that lives above the Arctic Circle Sami
Most people live in this region of Scandinavia southern
Big Ben, London Eye, Red Telephone booths and double-decker buses,and Stonehenge are located in which country? United Kingdom
Northwestern Europe has milder climate than expected due to the _____________ Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Drift
Above the Arctic Circle is called the Land of the _________________ Midnight Sun
Norways western coast have many of these water inlets with steep slopes like New Zealand fjords
wooden churches found in Scandanavia, particularly Norway Stave
type of energy found in Iceland geothermal
name for England, Scotland, and Wales Great Britain
describes how the UK took over countries and territories around the world "the Sun never sets on the British Empire"
Catholics vs. Protestants Northern Ireland
another name for Ireland Republic of Ireland
reason for many Irish to immigrant to the US in the mid-1800s Irish Potato Famine
Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg Benelux countries
another name for the Netherlands Holland
people from the Netherlands are called __________ Dutch
walls built to prevent flooding levees
land reclaimed from the sea polder
Netherlands is known for these windmills, cheese, and tulips
Belgium is known for these chocolate, waffles, and fries
capital of Belgium Brussels
West Germany had this type of government democracy
East Germany had this type of government communists
alliance with western European countries after World War II NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
pact between USSR and eastern Europe Warsaw Pact
built in 1961 to stop people from fleeing to West Germany for freedom Berlin Wall
peninsula containing Spain and Portugal Iberian
famous sport of Spain bullfighting
circular structure where the gladiators fought in Rome, about 2,000 years old Colosseum
Famous city in Italy known for its canals and gondalas Venice
smallest country in the world located within Rome Vatican City
famous building in Greece; copied throughout Western Europe and the US, particularly Washington DC. 2,500 years old Parthenon
peninsula that contains Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia, FYROM (Macedonia) Balkan
river that flows through Europe and empties into the Black Sea Danube
mountain range located in Central Europe, particularly Switzerland and Austria Alps
Deadly mountain peak in the Alps Matterhorn
manor houses or residences of the lord of the manor; usually associated with France Chateauxs
famous building in Russia where the president lives Kremlin
Famous cathedral in France Notre Dame
Famous cathedral in Russia St. Basil's Cathedral
largest country in the world Russia
mountains that divide European Russia and Asian Russia Ural
known for its cold weather; eastern part of Russia Siberia
deepest lake in the world; located in Russia Baikal
name for a Russian king czar
period from 1945-1990 when the US and USSR were almost at war Cold War
what Russia was called when it was communist Soviet Union/USSR
Created by: mist73lee
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