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Test number 1

dr spindles final exam study guide

In nebraska, the highest ranking (superior) law is a. a case decided by the Nebraska Supreme Court
In a suit against Charles, Donna obtains the cancellation of a contractual obligation, which is d. specific performance
Ira is a judge in a court of equity. in this court, ira may bar a suit if it is not filed within a proper time under the doctrine known as c. laches
Jill is an appellate court judge. in this capacity, Jill establishes a rule of law. Under the doctine of stare decises, the principle must be adhered to by d. that court only
In the legal reasoning process, establishing a logicl relationship by comparing the facts in a case to the facts in other cases and, to the extent the facts are similar, applying the same rule is a. deductive reasoning
The Ohio state legislature passes a law to regulate local delivery servies. the final authority reguarding the constitutionality of this law is a. the courts
Alpha Company, a business firm based in California, advertises on the web. A court in New Jersey would be most likely to excersice jurisdition over Alpha if Alpha a. conducted substantial business with New Jersey residents at its Web site.
Carl wants to appeal his case against Delta Corporation to the United States Supreme Court. Carl must ask the court to issue a writ of b. certiorari
Betty files a suit against Curt. Before going to trial the parties meet, with thier attorney's to represent them, to try to resolve their dispute without the involvement of a third party. this is d. negotiation
To initiate a lawsuit, Mack files a complaint against Nancy, who responds with an answer. Taken together, the complaint and answer are d. pleadings
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