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Radiation prot 3&7

Radiation Protection Ch 3 & 7a Test Review

What are the occupational radiation exposure limits? Whole Body 5 rem, Lens of the Eye 15 rem, Extremities & Skin 50 rem.
What is the greatest source of radiation to the operator of x-ray equipment? The patient
What radiation units would the Cabrillo RT students dosimetry badges be expressed in? rem
In regards to the mother receiving x-ray, when is the relative risk the highest for the fetus? Within the first trimester
What is the Cumulative Effective Dose? What is the radiation unit? How would it be determined? The Collective Effective Dose describes low doses of ionizing radiation exposure of a population or a group. The person-seivert. The # of people x the average effective dose.
What are the Regulatory Agencies the enforce radiation protection standards? NRC, Agreement States, EPA, FDA, OSHA.
Which regulatory agency mandates that a Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) be in place? Which agencies recommendations do they use for review? The NRC. The ICRP.
How long should occupational dose records be kept? For 7 years
As field area & part thickness increases, what happens to the scatter factor? The scatter factor increases
Which type of effects are based upon proability Stochastic Effects
Which type of effects are biologic somatic effects of ionizing radiation that are directly related to the dose received? Non-Stochastic
What are the 4 organizations that set the standards for radiation protection? ICRP, NCRP, UNSCEAR, NAS/NRC-BEIR
Created by: jamestkelley