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Business Law I MC

Finals Study guide for Spindle's class

The Constitution delegates certain powers to the National Government True
The supremacy clause of the Constitution provides that a state law is invalid when it directly conflicts with a federal law True
Commercial Speech is prtected as extensively as noncommercial speech by the 1st Amendment False
Ethics is the branch of philosophy that focuses on what constitutes right and wrong behavior. True
Ethics is not concerned with the fairness, justness, or rightness of an action False
Setting realistic workplace goals can reduce the probability that employees will act unethically True
Corporate ethical policies and programs must be coordinated and monitered to be effective True
To commit an intentional Tort, a person need not act with a harmful motive True
A battery only if the victim suffers actual physical harm ummm....True?
An unauthorized search could be an invasion of privacy. True
If no harm or injury results from an allegedly negligent act, there is no tort. True
Under the doctrine of comparative negligence, both the plaitiff's and the defendant's negligence are taken into consideration True
Under the Constitution, the legislative branch of government d. makes the laws
The constitution sets out the authority and the limits of the branches of the government. The term checks and balances means that b. each branch of government has some power to limit the actions the the other branches.
A state regulation that impinges on interstate commerce will be c. balanced in terms of the stat's interest in its merit and purpose against the burden placed on interstate commerce.
When there is a direct conflict between a federal law and a state law c. the federal law takes precedence
When there is a direct conflict between a decision by federal administrative agency on a matter that comes within its jurisdiction and a state law c. the federal decision takes precedence
The First Amendment guarantees the freedom(s) of d. speech, religion, and the press
A federal statute that bans corporations from making political contributions taht individuals are permitted to make would likely be held by a cour to be d. an unconstitutional restriction of speech
Mack is a sales manager for National Pruducts, Inc. Compared to Mack's personal activities, his business activities involve c. the same ethical standards
Tim works for Universal Sales Company. His job includes putting "spin" on the company's successes and failures. In this context, ethics consist of a. questions of rightness and wrongness
Eve, the chief executive officer of Federated Corporation(FC), wants to ensure taht FC's activities are legal and ethical. The best course of Eve and FC is to act in a. good faith
As an effective business person, Steve knows that teh ligality of a particular action is c. sometimes clear
Holly, a lawyer on the staff of International Group, applies the utilitarian theory of ethics in business contexts. Utilitarianism focuses on c. the consequences of an action
International Manufacturing Corporation's side payments to government officials in exchange for favorable business contracts in foreign countries are considered, in the United States, c. illegal and unethical
Mark intentionally pushes Don. Don falls to the ground and breaks his arm. Mark is liable for the injury d. if Mark intended to push Don.
Kate believes that George is about to hit her. To prevent harmful contact in dangerous situations, a person may use c. whatever force is reasonably necessary.
Jill accuses of Ken of committing an assault. A person commits an assault if he or she creates in another and apprehension or fear of b. immediate harm
Jay is accused if libel. Libel includes b. written defamatory statements only.
Todd files a suit against United Media Corporation for defamation. Actual malice must be demonstrated for recovery of damages if Todd is d. a public figure
Gil owns a large ranch in Texas. Frank drives his sport utility vehicle off a highway and across Gil's property. Frank commits trespass only if he a. does not have Gil's permission to drive on the property.
Steve, a television news reporter, knowingly broadcasts an untrue story claiming that Medi-Drugs, Inc. markets, for children, an medicine the contains highly addictive drugs. Steve is liable for a. slander of quality
Created by: kemmert