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Erikson8 psyc Stages

Erikson's 8 Psychosocial Stages -- including Name, age, Main Task (basic virtue)

AgeNameMain Task
3-6 years Initiative vs. Guilt Self Starting Self Guidance
6-12 years Industry vs. Inferiority Sense of Achievement
Adolescence 12-20 years Identity vs. Role Confusion Making Choices Lifelong Process
Young Adulthood 20-30 years Intimacy vs. Isolation Searching for "Soul Mate"
Middle Adulthood 30-65 years Generativity vs. Stagnation To help and guide the next generation
Late Adulthood 65-death Ego Integrity vs. Despair Reflection of one's life
Birth - 1 year Trust vs. Mistrust Life long sense of trust
1-3 years Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt Sense of Independence
Created by: mellamodj