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Diff Dx Pulmonary

Pulmonary Differential Diagnosis

Why do we see a barrel chest on COPD pts? Because there lungs are hyperinfalted and there is an increase in residual volume. They also present with decreased expiratory flow rates
What other Pulmonary Disease is seen with a barrel chest because of the increased use and hypertrophy of the accesory respiratory mus. Emphysema.
What Pulmonary Disease is characterized by desrtuction of lung parenchyma which leads to decreased surface area ava. for gas exchange Emphysema.
What pulmonary condition can lead to peripheral edema? Chronic Bronchitis
An irreversible, abnormal dialtion and/or obstruction is know as what pulmonary disease? Bronchiectasis
What Pulmonar Disease has the most complicated Dx? Chronic Bronchitis with productive cough for 3 consecutive months/yr for at least 2yrs.
Pt. displays with Increased time of expiration, respiratory infections, wheezes and crackles, what is the Dx Chronic Bronchitis
Pt. presents with Hemopytosis bronhical markings, clubbing of fingers and a chronic productive cough, what is the Dx Bronchiectasis
What Pulmonary Dx presents with hypersensitivity of the upper airway to pollens, meds, foods, exercise, with increase mucous production and inflammation? Asthma.
Signs and Symptoms of Asthma Wheezing Increasde RR Non Productive Cough Dyspnea
What Pulmonary Dx is seen in children and young adults? Cystic Fibrosis
What Dx is asso. with the alveolar epithelium with S&S (Signs &Symptoms) of extreme fatigue with minimal activity, dyspnea, and nonproductive cough? Interstitial Pulmonar Fibrosis
Can u name 6 S&S for Cystic Fibrosis? Multiple Bouts of pneumonia in infancy Drastically increased amounts of Mucus Tachypnea dyspnea, coughing, wheezing
If a pt. has a DVT what pulmonary Dx can it lead up to? Pt present with Abrupt acute chest pain and striking dyspnea. Pulmonary Embolism
Pulmonary Edema is a result of (r) or (l) sided HF? Left Sided HF
When a pt's S&S is orthopnea, cough, wheezing, dyspnea, what is the Dx? Pulmonary Edema
If u are doing Tx with a pt and the breathing tube dislodges from the trachea, what will happen if u as a PT do not cover the opening? Pneumothorax- air in the pleural cavity
If a pt. is dx with Atelectasis, toward which side will the pt shift? Same side as the collapse.
What Pulmonary Dx is life threatening and considered a medical emergency? Acute Respiratory Faliure
What demographic is more suceptible to pulmonary complications? Premature and low birth weight neonates
Created by: NPTE2011