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Geography of Russia

climate, topography, natural resources of Russia and northern Eurasia

What countries do Russia and Northern Eurasia encompass? Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
Which country is by far the largest? Russia
Russia is how many miles wide from west to east? 6,000 miles
How many time zones does Russia have? 11 time zones
How many countries does Russia border? 14 countries
Which continents is Russia in and what divides the parts? Europe and Asia, divided by the Ural Mountains
The Ural Mountains stretch from where to where? Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan
The Ural Mountains are low/high so crossing is easy/hard. low, easy
What valuable resource does the Ural Mountains have? mineral deposits
The continent WEST of the Ural Mountains is ______. The continent EAST of the Ural Mountains is ______. WEST is Europe EAST is Asia
What is the climate of the Ural Mountains? cold and dry
What are the 3 major mountain ranges of Russia? Ural, Caucases, and Coastal
The Caucases Mountains are in the north/south and begin and end at? south Black and Caspian Seas
Are the Caucases Mountains BIG or SMALL? big
What other countries do the Caucases Mountains extend into? Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
What type of geological zone are the Caucases Mountains in? geologically active TECTONIC zone on the edge of the RING OF FIRE
Which Russian mountain range is in the east, along the Pacific Ocean? Coastal Mountains
Are the Coastal Mountains high/low and what is their climate? high and snowy
What land mass do the Coastal Mountains extend into? the Kamchatka Peninsula
What is Russia's main plateau? Central Siberian Plateau
The Central Siberian Plateau lies between which two rivers? the Yenisei and Lena Rivers
The Central Siberian Plateau is between what landmarks in the NORTH and SOUTH? Arctic Lowlands in the North Lake Baikal in the South
What types of resources does the Central Siberian Plateau have? Name 5. Rich MINERAL resources - coal, iron ore, gold, diamond and natural gas
Name the 6 major rivers of Russia. Volga, Don, Dnieper, Ob, Lena, and Yenisey
2 important facts about the Volga River are ________ and _________. 1. It's Europe's longest river. 2. It's Russia's most important waterway.
Which two rivers are the major rivers of EUROPEAN Russia? Which direction do they flow? Don and Dnieper South
What are the 3 major rivers of Siberia? Which direction do they flow? Ob, Lena, Yenisey North
Which 2 bodies of water do Siberia's rivers drain into? ARCTIC and PACIFIC oceans
Name the 4 main NATURAL lakes of Russia? Lakes Ladoga, Onega, Peipus and Baikal
Name the 2 main man-made lakes in Russia. What are they noted for being? Rybinsk Reservoir and Bratsk Reservoir. LARGEST man-made lakes in the WORLD.
Which natural lake is the largest in Europe? Where is it located? Lake Ladoga, northwest of St. Petersburg
Which natural lake is the 5th largest in Europe? What country Lake Peipus borders Estonia
Where is Lake Baikal located? Name 4 facts about it's importance. SIBERIA 1. DEEPEST lake in the WORLD 2. Holds 20% of world's freshwater 3. Has more than 1700 species of lora and fauna. 4. 2/3 of species only found at Baikal.
What ocean borders Russia? Arctic
Name 5 seas of Russia. Barents, Bering, Okhotsk, Black and Caspian
The Black Sea is an ____ sea. How does it connect to other bodies of water? inland through the Bosphorus Strait
The Caspian Sea is an _____ sea. Is it connected to other bodies of water? inland no
Provide 2 more facts about the Caspain Sea. Sometimes classified as a lake. It's salty.
Give 4 reasons why Russia is cold. 1. NORTHERN location 2. Mountain ranges in south and east block warm air. 3. No mountains to block cold air from north. 4. Moderating oceans are far away.
What does the cold air of Russia do? Trap POLLUTED, ICY FOG over cities in winter.
What seasons does Russia experience? WINTER and SUMMER
The average yearly temperature in Russia is ____, making it the __________. 22 degrees F coldest country on earth
What bodies of water freeze during the 5 coldest months in Russia? RIVERS and CANALS
What body of water freezes to Russia's shores? How do they navigate it? Arctic Ocean ICEBREAKERS must be used
What is permafrost? Permanently frozen soil below the ground's surface.
How deep is Russia's permafrost typically? In the northern areas of Lena River basin? typically 2-13 feet up to 1 mile near Lena River
How cold does it often get in Russia's winter? SEVERE COLD -40 degrees F
What impact does the small amount of warm coastline in Russia have? It restricts sea access by boats.
What is Russia's only large ice-free Arctic port? Murmansk
Because of the North Atlantic Drift, WARM/COLD water curls around Norway to northwest Russia warm
How much of Russia lies in Europe? western 1/3
European Russia has the ______ climate because it gets moist air from the _________. That makes it betters for ______ and ________. MILDEST climate air from ATLANTIC OCEAN LIVNG and FARMING
The East Coast of Russia get rain-bearing winds from the ________. Pacific Ocean
The climate of Siberia is _____ because _________. DRY because moist air doesn't reach the inland
What is the climate around the Black Sea? very small SUBTROPICAL (warm) area
The vegetation of Russia is determined by _________. CLIMATE
Name the 5 distinct eco/climate regions of Russia Tundra, Taiga, Mixed forest, Steppe and Mediterranean
Where is the tundra vegetative region of Russia located? How much of Russia does it occupy? far NORTH 11%
What types of FLORA are in the tundra region? Mosses, lichen, wildflowers and low shrubs
What types of FAUNA are in the tundra region? herds of wild reindeer
Describe the 3 characteristics of night in the tundra region. white nights, total darkness, Northern Lights
Where is the taiga region of Russia? How far does it extend? What direction is it in relation to the tundra? How much of Russia does the taiga region occupy? North Russia/Siberia extends the ENTIRE LENGTH of RUSSIA SOUTH of the tundra half or 50%
Name 3 characteristics or the taiga region related to the soil. ACIDIC soil, PERMAFROST, SHORT growing season
What type of vegetation is in the taiga? cold, EVERGREEN forests
The MIXED FOREST region of Russia is ______ of the taiga. It is located mainly in __________. It is on the _____ Coast. south European Russia East Coast
What type of vegetation is in the MIXED FOREST region? EVERGREEN and DECIDUOUS mainly OAK and SPRUCE trees
Much of the land of the MIXED FOREST region of Russsia has ben ________. cleared for agriculture
Describe the vegetation of the STEPPE region of Russia. dry GRASSLANDS and TREELESS
The soil of the STEPPE is called _______ . What type of soil is it and what is it used for? CHERNOZEM rich black earth good for farming
What type of precipitation is in the STEPPE region and what does it cause? UNPREDICTABLE precipitation causes drops in crop yields and catastrophic droughts
What 5 countries does the STEPPE region occupy? Hungary, Ukraine, southern Russia, north Kazakhstan, Manchuria
Describe 3 characteristics of the MEDITERRANEAN climate. semi-arid, arable, vulnerable to drought
What kinds of crops are grown in the MEDITERRANEAN region? subtropical
What are the 2 main PLAINS regions of Russia? West Siberian Plain Arctic Lowlands
The West Siberian Plain lies between the _________ and the _________. Urals Central Siberian Plateau
The Arctic Lowlands are located ________. along the coast in the north
Name 7 natural resources of Russia and northern Eurasia. coal, timber, oil, natural gas, hydropower, phosphates, and diamonds
Name 13 metals mined in Russia and northern Eurasia. copper nickel gold platinum silver manganese tin zinc lead cobalt iron molybdenum tunsten
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