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Ch 16 Procedures

Ch 16 Procedures & Pathologies

Why is the term IVP incorrect in describing a radiographic examination of the kidney's ureter's & bladder following IV injection of contrast media? What is the correct term & abbreviation for that exam? IVP is a study of the renal pelvis, An Intravenous Urogram (IVU).
Which aspect of the kidney is visualized during an IVU? The collecting system of the kidney.
What is a large stone that grows and completely fills the renal pelvis. Staghorn Calculus
What is the condition of fusion of the lower poles of the kidneys during the development of the fetus. Horseshoe Kidney
What condition is an artificial opening between the urinary bladder and aspects of the large intestine? Vesicorectal fistula
What pathology is enlargement of the prostrate gland? Benign prostatic hyperplasia
What pathology is inflammation of the capillary loops of the glomeruli loops of the kidney? Glomerlonephritis
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of rapid excretion of contrast media? Renal hypertension
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of mucosal changes of the bladder? Cystitis
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of irregular appearance of renal parenchyma or collecting system? Renal cell carcinoma
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of abnormal fluid collections? Vesicorectal fistula
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of Abnormal rotation of the kidney? Malrotation
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of an elevated or indented floor of the bladder? Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
What pathologic indication has the radiographic appearance of signs of obstruction of the urinary system? Renal Calculi
What is a condition characterized by regions or areas of subcutaneous swelling due to allergic reaction to food or drugs is termed what? Angioedema
What condition is characterized by contraction of the muscles within the walls of the bronchi & bronchioles, producing a restriction of air passing through them? Bronchospasm
What is a trademark name for a diuretic drug? Lasix
What type of renal calculi is often associated with chronic urinary tract infections? Staghorn Calculi
Should the patient void before an IVU? Why? Yes. To prevent possible rupture of the bladder if compression is applied.
What is the primary purpose of ureteric compressoin? To enhance the filling of the pelvicalyceal system with the contrast media.
What are the 6 conditions that could contraindicate the use of ureteric compression? Possible ureteric stones, Abdominal masses, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Recent abdominal surgery, Severe abdominal pain, Acute abdominal trauma
When does the timing start for an IVU? At the start of injection of contrast media
List the basic 5 step imaging sequence for an IVU 1 minute nephrogram, or nephrotomography, 5 minute full KUB, 10-15 minute full KUB, 20 minute posterior RPO & LPO, Post void erect PA, or prone abdomen
What is the primary difference between a standard & hypertensive IVU? A hypertensive IVU requires a shorter time span between projections.
What is the Brodney Clamp used for? For male retrograde cystourethrograms
Is a retrograde urogram a study of the anatomy & function of the pelvicalyceal system? No, it is a nonfunctional study
Why should urinary studies on pediatric patients be scheduled early in the morning? To minimize the risk for dehydration.
Who should the technologist contact if they have difficulty placing the needle into the vein of a pediatric patient? Phlebotomist or Physician
What is a bead chain cystogram? What pathology does it demonstrate? A bead chain inserted into the female urethra. To demonstrate the degree of bladder prolapse.
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