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Interstate Commerce Act 1887 made railroads not able to change rates w/ out telling the public
Sherman Anti-Trust Act 1890 prohibits trusts Affects: Companies
Sarbanes-Oxley Act Passed June 2002 protects investors from fraud accounting accounts by corporations inproves financial disclosures
Clayton Act 1914- makes it illegal to change different prices to different wholesale customers Affects:Manufactuers
Wheeler-Lea Act 1938 gives juristiction over false or misleading advertising informs consumers
Food and Drug Administration 1938 bans impure, improperly labled, falsely gaurenteed food, cosmetics and drugs Affects: Manufacturers
Consumer Product Safety Commission 1972 Est. Min product safety standards on priducts
Truth and Lending Act 1968 creditors have to let the consumer know what they are being charged for intrest & financial charges
Equal Credit Opportunity Act created 1975 began in 1968 effects consumers finance and by creditors having to tell them intrest charges
National Enviorment Policy Act 1968 protect human health safe guard air water & land
Clean Air Act 1970 all americans should have clean air targeting major polution
Toxic Substance Control Act 1992 affects pulbic by ensuring chemicals are safe
Clean Water Act 1977 goves epa athority to set standards of pollutants put into bodies of water Affects: Enviorment
Fair Packaging and Labling Act 1966 ensures product name place of buisness manufact. & net quantity
Title VII Civil Rights Act 1964 companies cannot discriminate due to race color, religon, sex or national origin
Age Discrimination in Emplowment Act 19
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