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Geography Bee

Continents, Countries and their Capitals

Continent / # of CountriesCountryCapital
Africa (53 countries) Egypt Cairo
Africa (53 countries) Kenya Nairobi
Africa (53 countries) Morocco Rabat
Africa (53 countries) South Africa Pretoria
Europe (46 countries) Austria Vienna
Europe (46 countries) Czech Republic Prague
Europe (46 countries) Finland Helsinki
Europe (46 countries) France Paris
Europe (46 countries) Germany Berlin
Europe (46 countries) Greece Athens
Europe (46 countries) Ireland Dublin
Europe (46 countries) Italy Rome
Europe (46 countries) Netherlands Amsterdam
Europe (46 countries) Poland Warsaw
Europe (46 countries) Scotland Glasgow
Europe (46 countries) England London
Europe (46 countries) Wales Cardiff
Europe (46 countries) Spain Madrid
Europe (46 countries) Sweden Stockholm
Europe (46 countries) Switzerland Bern
Europe (46 countries) Portugal Lisbon
Europe (46 countries) Norway Oslo
Asia (44 countries) Afghanistan Kabul
Asia (44 countries) China Beijing
Asia (44 countries) Iran Tehran
Asia (44 countries) Iraq Baghdad
Asia (44 countries) Israel Jerusalem
Asia (44 countries) Japan Tokyo
Asia (44 countries) Nepal Kathmandu
Asia (44 countries) Pakistan Islamabad
Asia (44 countries) Russia Moscow
Asia (44 countries) Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Asia (44 countries) Singapore Singapore
Asia (44 countries) Thailand Bangkok
Asia (44 countries) Turkey Ankara
Asia (44 countries) India New Delhi
Asia (44 countries) Greece Athens
Asia (44 countries) Indonesia Jakarta
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Canada Ottawa
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Costa Rica San Jose
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Cuba Havana
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Mexico Mexico City
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Panama Panama City
North America (23 countries) Caribbean United States Washington, DC
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Jamaica Kingston
North America (23 countries) Caribbean Puerto Rico San Juan
North America (23 countries) Bahamas Nassau
Oceania (14 countries) Australia Canberra
Oceania 914 countries) New Zealand Wellington
South America (12 countries) Brazil Brasilia
South America 912 countries) Chile Santiago
South America (12 countries) Colombia Bogota
South America (12 countries) Ecuador Quito
South America (12 countries) Paraguay Asuncion
South America (12 countries) Peru Lima
South America (12 countries) Uruguay Montevideo
South America (12 countries) Venezuala Caracas
South America (12 countries) Argentina Buenos Aires
South America (12 countries) Bolivia La Paz
Antartica and Arctic
Europe (46 countries) Cypress Nicosia
Created by: geokids