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Module 4 Physics

scintillator-based flat-panel detector converts the x-ray beam to light and then that light is converted into electrons to create an image
non-scintillator based detector converts the x-ray beam into electrons to create an image
Photostimulable phosphor stores the energy from its interaction with an x-ray beam
PSP plate is found in two types of systems. Cassette-based and Cassette-less
Charge-coupled Device Uses a scintillator and a CCD to create the image
Digital Images are Evaluated Based On Brightness Contrast Image Blur Exposure Indicator Image Noise
Relative screen speed can be increased by increasing the factor(s) Absorption efficiency Conversion efficiency Phosphor layer thickness Phosphor packing density Phosphor crystal size Adding a reflective layer
Relative screen speed decreases when Phosphor dye is added
What determines relative speed of an analog receptor? the radiation needed to produce a predetermined film density, typically a density of 1.0 + Base + Fog
Advantage of screen dye provide greater sharpness, or resolution, in images.
Conversion efficiency a measure of how efficient the phosphor is at converting the x-ray photon energy into light.
Absorption efficiency a measure of how effective the phosphor is at absorbing the x-ray photons.
Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE): A measure of a receptor's ability to create an output signal that accurately represents the input signal (x-ray beam).
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