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Physics Chapter 26

Digital Imaging Management

Object class of information Contains information about study and patient
Hospital information System (HIS) Contains patient data
Adherographic processing Selective adhesioin of carbon particles onto plastic base that is then sealed
Thermal processing Heat sensitive film and adherographic printing
Laser printing Reads in a raster scan pattern
Bandwidth Measured in bits per second
Seervice class of information Describes what to do with the objects
Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) Computer system that can manage images in an electrical form
Luminance uniformity test Photometer to test for light from the center and outer corners of the monitor
Radiology information system (RIS) Database specific to imaging departments
Redundant array of independent disks Storage of digital images for a few weeks or months for quick retrieval
Image file Dependent on matrix size and bit depth
Film digitizer converts analog film image to a digital image
Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine Object oriented standard that designates real world objhects that it models
Local area Network (LAN) Connects all computers in a system usual special wiring systems.
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