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Physics Chapter 25

Digital Radiography

Barium Fluorohalide Bromides Common phosphor for computed radiography IP
Amorphous silicon Indirect system works as a light detector to capture fluorescent light
Image stitching Algorythms align multiple images into a single image
Collimator edge identification Alorythms designed to detect abrupt edges of exposure and nonexposure
Histogram Corresponds to a predetermined body part before the imaging plate is read
Edge enhancement Usually increases noise and may produce lower quality images
Amorphous selenium Direct system works to collect the charge and transmits it through the TFTs.
charge coupled device Converts visible light into an e- charge; stores it in a sequential pattern
TFT (thin film transistor) Collects the electric charges produced as an array or matrix of pixel elements
Photostimulable phosphor imaging plate Rigid sheet with several layers to record and enhance transmission of image
Image blurring Applied to high noise images to make the sharp edges blur into the background
Indirect acquisition system Uses two part process involving a scintillator and photodetector
Fuji computed radiography system S-values of 150-250 when properly exposed.
Image Aquisition Begins with x-ray exposure to the IP
Direct acquisition system Directly converts incoming x-ray photons to an electrical signal
CR artifacts Classified according to where they occur in the processing sequence
Data clipping CR systems do not send all data acquired to the post-acquisition system
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