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a power rating lists the ___ required to operate an appliance watts
a fuse will melt if the _____ in a circuit becomes too high current
a current has two ormore branches in a ______ parallel circuit
the tendency for a material to oppose the flow of electrons is called _____ resistance
current is measured in _______ amperes
electrical power is equal to _______ x voltage sifference current
a dry cell is used in a flaxhlight to covert ____ to light electrical energy
one thousand watts of power used in 60 minutes is ___________ 1 kilowatt-hour
a closed path through which electrons can flow is __________ a circuit
current is almost always the flow of ______ electrons
a car battery ia an example of a _______ wet cell
current has only one loop to flow through in a ______ series circuit
electrical energy is equal to _____x Time power
ohm's law states that the current equals ______ divided by the resistance voltage difference
thin wires have a ______ resistance to electron flow than do thicker wires greater
circuit that has more than one path parallel
that which can open or close a circuit switch
_____ difference is measured in volts voltage
a flashlight battery is an example of a _______ dry cell
tendency for a material to oppose the flow of electrons resistance
units to measure the rate of electron flow amperes
electrical _____- is expressed in watts power
circuit that has only one path series
the symbol V stands for volts
the flow of current through wire is on ______ current electric
a material that allows electrons to move through it conductor
transferring charge by touching in charging by ____ contact
the unit of electric energy is the kilowatt-______ hour
metal rod that directs lightning to earth lightning rod
flashlight dry cell
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