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Song Lyrics!!! <3 (:

quiz on todays rising artists and bands

The songs "telephone", "Bad Romance",and "Just Dance" came from this unique songwritter and performer Lady Gaga
Female Hip-Hop singer who released "right through me" "It's Raining Men" and "did it on em" Nicki Minaj
Hip-Hop singer who released "cut the lights of" and "lemonade" Gucci Mane
Country band who came out with "I need you Now" and "I run to you" Lady antebellum
Country singer who wrote "Fifteen" "love story" and "you belong with me" Taylor Swift
New rapper who came out with "black and Yellow" Wiz Khalifa
New Ohio Rapper wrote "im from cleveland" "i know this" "alice and wonderland" and "end of the road" also, "salute" Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)
hip hop artist who came out with "6 foot 7 foot" Lil Wayne
complete the lyric Picture perfect Memories scatter all around the floor. Reaching for the phone cause I cant fight it ___________________ anymore
Complete the lyric, "dunkin on them Lisa _______" Leslie
complete the lyric. "im so 3008 your so 2000 and ______" Late
Name that Tune: Hey boy i really want to see if you can go down town with a girl like me Whats my Name
Name That tune: Baby you're my everything youre all i ever wanted, we can do it real big. Best I ever had
complete the lyric "she got that good good, she __________ _________ bad. Michael Jackson
Name that singer: She wears high heels, i where sneakers, shes cheer captain and im on the bleachers. Taylor Swift
Complete the lyrics: "Im sorry im bad, im sorry im blue im sorry bout all the things I said to you and i know I cant _______ ______ _______ take them back
Complete the lyric: Youre never gunna be _____ from this moment on. alone
Complete the Lyrics: I throw my hands up in the air some times saying a-yo gotta ______ _____" let go
Complete the lyric: Look at me now, im getting ____" paper
complete the lyric : "go head let the rain fall cause ____ ____ _____ ___" we aint runnin out
Complete the lyric: "i pretend that im glad you went away, those four walls closing more every day \. and im dying inside but ________ _________ ________ _______ ______ nobody knows it but me
complete the lyric. 'i got some issues that nobody can see and all of these emotions are pouriong out on me i _____ _____ _____ ____ ___ for you its only right. bring them to the light
complete the lyric: 2 am and im still awake writing this song if i get it all down on paper its __ ______ _____ ____ _____ threatning the life it belongs to. no longer inside of me
complete the lyric: here comes the _____ and i said ____ ________ sun its alright
Created by: Rachel1394
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