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Religious Education

Randomzzzz(very important!)

Where did rastaferianism originate and what year did it begin? Jamaica in the 1930's
What did it have in the Jamaican society at that time? strata/classes
Name 4 rastaferian associates Leonard P.Howell, Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert, Archibald Dunkly, Marcus Garvey
What does the name "Babylon" refer to? This name was given to what was going on in modern society/ small group of white christians and they were taught to reject it
Who was Haile Selassie? Haile Selassie was being coronated in Ethiopia, the slaves made him their God.
What were rastaferians taught to embrace? The people were taught to embrace everything that was African and natural, teachings of the Old Testament.
From what books in the bible can you refer to, to justify some of the elements of Rastaferianism? Leviticus and Numbers: i)Not putting a razor unto their heads, hence their "dreadlock" ii)Not eating meat.Most rastaferians are vegeterians iii)Not consuming alcholic drinks including fermented apple juice
List 4 of Rastafarians beliefs. i)They believe that Haile Selassie is the reincarnation of Jesus...he is God. ii)They are the true israelites iii)they believe in the Christian God but refer to God as Jah. iv)They believe that the promised land is Africa, more Ethiopia
How many Rastafarian divisions are there and name them. 3 -Bobo Shanti -The Nyahbinghi Order -The twelve tribes of israel (refer to notes below for more info on this)
What is Spiritual Baptist made up of? a mixture of Christianity and African Religious Traditions
Give 3 names by which Spiritual baptists were known by a)Candle people b)Wayside people c)Shouters
What enraged the upper class of T&T concerning the Spiritual Baptist? Their style of worship i) Noise- drumming, clapping, shouting, ringing of bells
When was the legislation passed against the Spiritual Baptist and what was it called? 28, novem, 1917-the Shouter's prohibition Ordinance
What is a belief system? A belief system relates to a body of rules, rites and rituals used by members of a religion in their relationship with a deity. This main deity is known as "the Supreme Being of the Religion'
Give a example of a rule and a rite Rules e.g the spiritual baptist faith, women entering the sanctuary must cover their head Rites e.g Baptism in the baptist faith, the only true baptism is by immersion of adults. Only Spiritual Baptists do not believe in baptizing infants
Why don't Spiritual Baptists baptize babies? They dont baptize babies because only adults can repent of their sins.
What is a ritual? a traditional practice
What is the Mourning Room? this is a small room which is attached to the main church . In the centre of the mourning roon is the centre pole.
What is Mourning? This is a process by which the person is kept in the mourning roon for between 7 and 21 days and nights as directed by the holy spirit.
What is the centre pole? It is believed to represent the presence of jesus Christ.
what exactly do you do in mourning? It is spent in prayer and fasting...
What is the mercy seat? This is a small bench at the entrance to the church where persons are instructed in the baptist faith. it is where persons who are able to be baptized / born are instructed in the baptist faith
Explain "Repent" -be sorry for your sins -asking God for forgiveness -receive God's forgiveness -Forgiving yourself -Making the decision to avoid sin
Sharia(law) This is central to the life of a muslim. It regulates the private life; marriage family life, personal hygiene Under governance- trading, finance, formation of contracts
What is 1 exception concerning Sharia law? All religions believe that human life is sacred except for the Sharia(law which applies to all muslim countries and states.
What is Poverty? this is the state of a person's circumstances that cannot provide for the basic essentials of life; shelter, food, clothing
What are the two types of poverty and explain them -Relative poverty poverty line comparison of situations of economic lack -absolute poverty This is when an individual cannot obtain adequate resources.
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