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# BAS 07 SDI Review

Benefits for medical expenses are provided through disability income insurance False
DI has benefits for work-related injury. False
The definition of total disability has no standard and varies from policy to policy True
Employer paid disability terminates when leaves the company. It depends. Not if the employee is disabled.
Medical requirements are the same for SSDI and SDI. True
SSDI does not require previous employment. False
Disabled workers under 65 years are eligible for SSDI True
Qualification for SSDI or SSI is determined by the doctor False
CSRS is a program that combines federal disability and social security disability True
All workers are covered by SDI False
SDI covers disabiltiy for nonindustrial injuries True
Insufficient medical information will cause denial of a DI claim True
California SDI has benefits in a normal routine pregnancy. True
California SDI has benefits for family leave. True
DI is available from: Government Funded Employer-Sponsored Private Insurance Companies
The maximum time allowed for payments in DI is called the: Benefit Period
If an injury prevents someone from part or all of their regular job, the disability is called: Partial or Residual
"Guaranteed renewable" is a clause that means: Person get a specific amount and can renew the contract.
Exceptions in an Insurance policy are: Reasons for limiting or denying benefits
SSDI and SSI provide for benefits to people under 65yrs and cannot work for a year. True
SSI can provide for Payments to those that are needy and have little resources.
Armed Services Disability benefits are available to anyone who: Members of the armed services on active duty.
State disability insurance benefits begin after: The 7th consecutive day of disability.
The time period from the beginning of the disability until the first benefit payment is called: Elimination period or Waiting period
A "waiver of premium" clause means: The disabled does not pay premiums. The policy pays the premium.
To qualify for blindness benefits under SSDI a worker must: Have a visual acuity of 20/200 or A visual field of less than 20 degrees.
SSDI stands for: Social Security Disability Income
DI benefits only apply to physical and not psychological injuries False
Created by: rjmtoss
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