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Wordly Wise Lesson 9

Test Review

absurd so unreasonable as to be laughable; foolish or silly
accomplish to do something by making an effort; to complete successfully
accomplishment something requiring skill and determination that is completed successfully
ascend to rise, usually in a steady way
dense tightly packed; crowded close together
dense thick; hard to see throug
dense studpid, thickheaded
experiment a test to discover something
experiement to carry out experiments
experiment to try out new ideas or activities
flimsy easily damaged or broken; not strongly made
flimsy not believable
heroic very brave; showing great courage
heroic showing great determination; requiring enormous effort
lumber wood that has been sawed into boards
lumber to move in a clumsy or heavy way
mimic to copy or imitate closely
mimic to make fun of by imitating
mimic one who can imitate sounds, speech, or actions
significant important; full of meaning
soar to fly high in the sky
soar to rise suddenly and rapidly
spectator a person who watches an activity; an onlooker
suspend to hang while attached to something above
suspend to stop for a while before going on
suspend to bar from working, attending, or taking part for a while
terminate to bring or to come to an end
unwieldy hard to handle or control because of large size or heaviness
Created by: thintz