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Asymmetry Lack of balance or symmetry
Block A shape that has a surface cut for use as a stamp
Bench hook A short wooden board that provides a stop for working against
Burnishing Polishing a surface using a hard smooth surface such as the back of a spoon
Dry-point A printmaking technique in which an image is scratched into a plate with a needle
Incised Cut through the surface
Lino A printing block made of compressed linseed oil
Lino-cutter A specialist tool for making incisions into the surface of lino
Lino-cutting Making incisions into the surface of lino
Mark A visible impression
Mirror-image An image that has its parts arranged in reverse
Motif A form or shape in a design or pattern
Negative The space that is created around a POSITIVE mark/shape
Polyblock A printing block made of compressed polystyrene
Positive A deliberate mark/shape
Print A design or picture pressed from an incised or raised surface
Printing The art of producing an image by pressing with an incised or raised surface
Printing ink A quick drying ink for use in printing
Registration The act of lining things up with each other
Repeat Something that is done again
Roller A cylinder of hard rubber
Rubbing Laying paper over an incised or raised surface and rubbing with a crayon or pencil
Screen-printing A printing technique where ink is spread through a woven mesh that holds a stencil in place
Shape The 2D/flat nature of an object
Squeegee A tool with a flat
Stencil A template made by cutting away details to create a physical negative for spreading ink through to create a positive
Stylisation The simplifying of detail within an image/design
Symmetry The exact reflection of a shape on opposite sides of a dividing line
Texture The appearance and feel of a surface
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