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Absorb To soak up a liquid
Adhesive A substance used for sticking objects together
Appliqué A decorative design made of one fabric sewn onto another
Back stitch A stitch that is worked backward so that it overlaps the stitch before by half
Batik A method of dyeing a fabric in which removable wax is used to resist the dye
Conductor A material that carries heat or electricity
Couching stitch a type of embroidery in which the decorative thread is attached to fabric using tiny stitches made with a thinner thread
Cutting line the exact edge to be created by cutting away the rest
Dilute To make thinner by adding water
Dye A substance used to colour materials
Dye-stick A crayon of coloured dye
Embroidery Decoration of fabric with needle and thread
Fabric A cloth produced especially by knitting
Fixing To put into a state that cannot be changed
Glue A substance used for sticking objects together
Glue Spreader a tool for applying a smooth coat of glue
Hem An edge on a piece of cloth that is folded under and stitched down
Insulator A material that does not easily carry heat or electricity
Iron A metal tool with a handle and a weighted flat bottom
Ironing Bed a pad of papers used as a working surface for ironing
Melt To be changed from a solid to a liquid state by the application of heat
Needle A stiff piece of wire with an eye at one end through which a length of thread is passed and held
Newsprint cheap paper made from wood pulp and used for printing newspapers
Pin A short, straight, stiff piece of wire with a blunt head and a sharp point
PVA Polyvinyl acetate – a strong white glue
Resist A substance that can cover and protect a surface
Running stitch A simple form of hand sewing in which the thread is passed in and out of the fabric with a gap between every stitch
Saturate To soak completely
Scissors A tool with of two blades for cutting light materials
Seam A sewn line joining two pieces of fabric together along their edges
Sewing Joining or attaching by stitches
Shape The 2D/flat nature of an object
Stitch A single complete movement of a threaded needle in sewing
Template A cut out pattern
Thread Fine cord used in needlework and the weaving of cloth
Tjanting A Batik tool with a thin spout for pouring out hot melted wax in fine lines
Wax An oily or greasy heat-sensitive substance that does not dissolve in water
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