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Urinary System Defin

Ch 16 Urinary System Definitions

Pyelo Prefix pertaining to the (renal) pelvis or kidney
Nephro Kidneylike structure (Nephron is the microscopic functional unit of the kidney.
Calix or Calices A cup; chalice. Hollwed flattened tubes in the kidney that drain towards the renal pelvis.
Retro Behind. Retroperitoneal is behind the peritoneum.
Hydronephrosis An accumulation of urine in the renal pelvis. Possibly obstruction of passage.
Hydroureter An accumulation of urine in the in & distention of the ureter due to obstructed outflow.
Hypospdias A congenital condition; Urethra opening is on underside of the penis instead of the tip.
Cystoscope An instrument used to examine the interior of the urinary bladder and the ureter.
Foley Catheter Hollow, flexible tube used fort insertion into a body cavity, or duct. A vessel to allow passage of fluids. Generally drainage of urine from urinary bladder.
French Catheter A catheter used to drain urine from urinary bladder. French catheters use the French Scale to determine catheter diameter.
Anuria Complete cessation of urinary secretion
Dysuria Painful or difficult urination
Hematuria Blood in the urine
Micturition The act of urinating
Oliguria Excretion of a diminished amount of urine (<400 ml/24 hours) in relation to fluid intake.
Polyuria Passage of a large volume of urine in relation to fluid intake.
Pyuria Presence of pus in the urine. usually a sign of UTI.
Vesicoureteral Reflux Backward or return flow of urine from the urinary bladder into the ureter & kidney carrying bacteria that may cause pyelonephritis.
Polycystic Having or containing many cysts. Polycystic kidney disease is characterized by enlarged kidney's containing many cysts.
Nephroptosis Excessive downward movement of kidneys. An abnormal dropping of the kidney's when upright.
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