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Religious Education


What is another word for Hinduism? Sanatana Dharma- Eternal Religion
Where did the name Hinduism come from? Hinduism came from the persian word for the River Indus (Sindhu), and the people who lived along its banks were called Hindus
From where did the religion evolve? The religion evolved from the Vedic religion of ancient India
Hinduism is claimed to be the oldest living religion...True or false?? TRUEE!! Over 4,500 years old
What is Hinduism? Hinduism is a set of beliefs and traditions that evolved over a period of time.
Hindus believe in a Universal Soul/God called.... Brahman- the supreme being /ultimate reality who is present in all things
What is a detailed definition of Brahman? -Brahman has no form and is eternal -Brahman is creator, preserver and transformer of all things Brahman appears in the Human Spirit as Atman or the soul
Brahman has 3 aspects, what are they? Brahma- Creator Vishnu-Preserver Shiva-destroyer, creator, preserver
What about the other gods and goddesses in Hinduism? Hindus believe in one God, however they recognise other gods and goddesses (deities as different aspects of Brahman;they are not separate Gods.
What is a polytheistic religion? A religion which believes in more than one God
What is a Henotheistic Religion? A religion which believes in a Supreme god but also recognises other gods and goddesses as manifestations of the one supreme God.
What is Vedas? This is the holiest and oldest of hindu scriptures and is attributed to brahma..as a result of this brahma is regarded as the father of Dharma(religion)
Who is Brahma? creator of universe and of all beings
Who is Vishnu? Vishnu is the preserver and protector of creation. he is the embodiment of mercy and goodness. he preserves the universe and maintains the order of Dharma(religion)
In what way is Vishnu represented? Vishnu is often represented resting on the coiled serpents sheshe with his wife Lakshmi massaging his feet (check notes for more info.)
Who is shiva? He is the destroyer of the world and is responsible for change, both in the form of death and destruction and in a positive sense of sheding old habits. Shiva is the god of yoga and self control.His wife is parvati and his sons are ganesh and katrikeya.
What is shiva's vehicle? The white bull called Nandi(the joyful)
How is shiva portrayed? He is often seated on tigerskin or wearing tigerskin.
Who's Brahma's wife? Saraswati-goddess of education & learning
Who's Vishnu's wife? Mother lakshmi-goddess of wealth & beauty
Who's Shiva's wife? Parvati-goddess of power, destruction, transformer
Ganesh(a) son of Shiva lord of success, destroyer of evil, remover of obstacles.
What is an avatar? A manifestation of a god in earthly form usually that of a human/animal example: Lord Hanuman is believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva Krishna is believed to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu
What are the neccessities of a Hindu home? at least one image, idol or picture before which prayers are said, hymns sung.Offerings of flowers made and the burning of incense done.
Symbols are used as objects of worship...what is the object used for Vishnu? a fossilized shell taken from the Gandake
object of worship for Shiva? a stone found in Narmada river
Object of worship for Surya the sun,a round marble stone
What other object can worship be offered to? Books as at the time of the festival devoted to saraswati, the goddess of learning.
What is a Caribbean Indigenous Religion? A caribbean indigenous religion is a religion that originated, belongs to and is practised in the caribbean.
Give 3 examples of Indigenous Religions. Rastafarianism, Spiritual Baptist,Santeria of Cuba
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