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Religious Education


What does the word Islam mean? 'Peace' submission to the will of Allah, to submit or obey
What are the followers of Islam called? Muslims
What/who is a muslim? A muslim is someone who submits to the will of Allah
What is the language of Islam? Arabic
In the order of the 4 major religions where is islam at? World's second largest religion after christianity
What is the holy book of Islam called? Koran/Qur'an
What is the name of their place of worship? Mosque
Who is the founder of the religion? Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
What does pbuh mean? Peace be unto him
Where is the holy city of islam? Mecca(makkah), Saudi Arabia
What 2 religions did Islam develop from? Judaism and Christianity
Like Judaism and christianity, muslims believe in one God; True or False? True
What are the 2 main symbols associated with the Islamic religion? 1)The Crescent Moon and star 2)The colours green and white
What does the dome on a mosque symbolise? The dome symbolises the heavens that are stretched over the earth. It is a reminder that Allah rules over the universe
What is the purpose of the minarets on a mosque? They are used to call the faithful to pray 5 times a day by the mu'adhin. There are usually 5 minarets on large mosques as they remind worshippers of the five pillars of Islam
What does the crescent, moon & star symbolise on a mosque? Found outside every mosque, it is very important as they help to guide people who are travelling across the desert at nights. Star(guide) & moon to light the way of every believer through a dark world
What are the common colours in which mosques are painted and state the symbolization of them. Green- wealth White-peace
Name 3 Islamic countries Iran, pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,
What is the name of the 2 largest sects in Islam? 1)Sunni 2)Shi'a/Shiites
TWhat is the name given for weekly prayer on fridays? Jummah
What is WUDU? All prayer begins with this: a ritual for thoroughly cleansing the body
What does WUDU symbolise? This ritual symbolises the purity that Allah expects of everyone who comes into his presence
Muslims prostrating themselves (bowing down with their faces touching the ground) symbolises what? This symbolises an acceptance of who Allah is and the sinfullness of human beings
Muslims worship in a mosque/ masjhid which means.... a place of prostration
Who calls the faithful to pray? mu'adhin
Who conducts the prayers? Imam
Why aren't there any pictures in the mosque? They do not want to run the risk of idol worship
How many days does the islamic Calender have? 354 days
What are the (2) main festivals of Islam? Eid-ul-Fitr Eid-ul-Adha
What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the name of the month in the Muslim calendar when all healthy muslims fast during daylight hours.This celebrates the gift of the Koran (Qur'an)
After 30 days of fasting what do muslims celebrate? Eid-ul-Fitr- the festival of fast breaking
When does the fast end? The fast ends with the rising of the new moon, this means that the date when the fast is held changes every year
Muslims greet each other with the words "Eid Mubharak," what does this mean? Have a happy festival
What is Eid-ul-Adha? This is the festival of sacrifice (check out notes for more info)
When does the islamic year begin? On the day Muhammad left Mecca to travel to Medina
The twelfth day of rabi(1) celebrates what? The birth of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)
What is Mirajun nabi? Commemorates the prophet's journey from Mecca to heaven
When is prophet Muhammad (pbuh) birthday celebrated? During the month of Rabi Awwal
Where is the most important site for Muslims? Mecca, where is located, the most sacred mosque-The Kabah (Ka'bah, Caaba)
Is there something significant about the direction in which muslims pray? If yes, state what. All muslims pray facing toward the holy kaaba in Mecca
What is a Mihrab? This ensures that worshippers know the direction of the Holy kaaba
What's central to Islam's belief system? The "Five Pillars of Israel" i)Shahadah- the declaration of faith that 'There is only one God and that God and that is Allah and Muhammad is his prophet ii)Salat- five dail ritual prayers-dawn,midday, afternoon, evening and night chek notes 4 the rest!
Who is a Hajji? One who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
What are the 6 articles of belief? 1)Belief in one God as almighty & supreme 2)Belief in angels 3)Belief in the revealed books sent by God 4)Belief in all the prophets and messengers 5)Belief in the day of judgement and in the day of resurrection (life after death) 6)belief in destiny
Although Islam started in Saudi Arabia where do most muslims live? South and Southeast Asia
Islam's existence this is owed to pprophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his experience of God through angel gabriel in the 7th century A.D
Created by: Delliebug
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