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Religious Education


What is Religion Education? Religion Education is the study of the different religions of the world; for example Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, their beliefs, origin and practices
What are the benefits of studying Religion Education? Tolerance of people of other religions Respect of people of other beliefs Understanding, Communication
Name the four major religions in order of magnitude. Christianity,Islam,Hinduism,Judaism
What faith did christianity evolve out of? Judaism
Who is the central character of Christianity? Jesus Christ
What are the followers of Christianity called? Christians
Christianity is at least 3 things..what are they? A set of beliefs A way of life A community of people
State 2 beliefs of Christians (1)Christians believe in one God who created the universe and all that is in it. (2) Christians believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God. (3)Christians believe in the Holy Spirit of God (4)Christians believe in a trinitarian God (the trinity)
All the beliefs of Christianity are summed up in...? Apostles Creed
When Christ was on earth, what was his main message? Love-love for God love for one another love for self love for your enemies
What is the symbol of Christianity? cross/crucifix
Where can all the knowledge of Christ be found? In the Gospels: matthew, mark, luke, john
When is the birth of Jesus Christ celebrated? december 25th
How long did Jesus Christ live a public life? 3 years
At what age did Jesus get baptized and when did he start his ministry? At the age of 30 and he started his work after baptism
What is baptism? A symbol or the rite of initiation on becoming a member of a Christian Church
Who baptized Jesus and where? John the Baptist and in the Jordann River
What did Jesus use to put his message across? Parables
What are parables? stories using familiar experiences with a spiritual/moral ending/ an earth story with a heavenly meaning
Give 2 examples of parables The Ten Talents, The Prodigal son, The Good Samaritan, The Rich man and lazarus, The ten virgins
What is the name of the Holy book of Christianity? The Bible
What are the essential features/elements of a religion? rites, rituals,sacrifices,prayer,worship
Where was Jesus born? Nazareth, Bethlehem, Judea.
What was Jesus' occupation on earth? carpenter
Jesus had of group of 12 known as....... disciples
How many branches does the christian church have,name them.. 3: The Roman catholic Church, The Orthodox and The Protestant Church
Which church is the largest? The Roman Catholic Church
The Bible is divided into how many parts? Name them and state the first and last book in each part. The Old Testament- Genesis-Malachai The New Testament- Matthew- Revelation
What is a denomination? A division within Christianity
Name 3 places of worship in Christianity Church Chapel Cathedral
What is a Cathedral? The principal church which has the Bishop's throne
What is a Chapel? A small area set aside within a church or place of worship that has its own altar set aside for worship
What is a basilica? The main cathedral of the Roman catholic Church, holds the throne of the Pope and is located in Rome.
Name 6 disciples Matthew, Peter, James(brother of john), Simon, Andrew, Judas iscariot, John, Thomas, James(son of Alphaeus), Nathanael, Philip, Judas(also called Thaddaeus)
Name some of the protestant churches.. The anglican church The methodist church The baptist church The presbyterian church
Name the leader of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Church. The Pope (rome) and the Archbishop of Canterbury based in England
What is the main day for christian worship? Sunday- The Lord's day
What are the 2 main festivities of christianity? christmas- birth of Jesus Christ 'december 25' easter- the resurrection of Jesus Christ 'march 21-april 25'
When do christians celebrate the crucifixion of jesus Christ? Good Friday
What is the season of preparation before Easter called and the colour associated? Lent (purple)
What is the season of preparation before Christmas called and the colour associated? Advent (purple)
What is the name of the day associated with remembering the visit of the 3 wise men to the infant Jesus? Epiphany (january 6)
What is the name of the day commemorating the day Jesus shared his last meal with his disciples? (the initiation of the Holy Communion) Holy Thursday
The beginning of the Holy week, when christians remember Jesus's last week on earth. Palm Sunday (red)
What does the word monotheistic mean? The belief in one God
How did Christianity come to the Caribbean? Spanish invaders brought christianity to the Caribbean, in the 1400's. The First Christians in the caribbean were Roman Catholics. Roamn catholic churches were started in every island that christopher columbus visited.
What is Christianity? A historical religion based on actual historical happenings, the most important of these is the life of jesus Christ- the central character in the story of Christianity, who lived in the Roman province of judea the country we now call Israel.
What is the meaning of AC, BC, CE After Christ,Before Christ, Circum Era
What is so significant concerning Christ's birth? He was born of virgin Mary
Of what faith did Christianity evolve? Judaism
Created by: Delliebug
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