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Africa Unit Exam RMS

Exam Questions

The mouth of the Niger River is in the country of Nigeria
Name the country south of Egypt. Sudan
Name the country with the largest area of rainforest. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Name the desert in southern Africa. Kalahari
Name the area south of the Sahara. Sahel
Name the river that flows north through Sudan and Egypt. Nile River
Name the mountain range in northwestern Africa. Atlas
Name Africa's largest lake. Victoria
Name the body of water located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Red Sea
Name the body of water north of Africa. Mediterranean Sea
Name the largest desert in the world. Sahara
True or False: The Sahel receives enough rain for growing crops. False - the Sahel receives very little rainfall.
What word means the desert is expanding? Desertification
What is the occupation of most people living in the Sahara? Nomadic herders
Most Arabs practice the religion of _________ Islam
True or False: the judicial branch of the government makes laws. False - the legislative branch makes laws
True or False: in a theocracy, the religious leaders and the government leaders are the same people. True
True or False: Most girls in Africa are encouraged to go to school False - most families believe the girls should stay home and marry.
Who makes the economic decisions in a command economy? The government
Who specializes in oil? Nigeria
Name the following country that places great importance on human capital - Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa. South Africa - they stress education and training for workers.
Define Apartheid Separation of whites and non-whites.
Who freed Nelson Mandela from prison? F.W. de Klerk
Why did Nelson Mandela go to prison? He was fighting against the government to end Apartheid.
Why was the 1884 Berlin Conference held? To divide up Africa among the European countries.
Is the Nile River in eastern or western Africa? Eastern
Factories, machines and tools are examples of _________ ____________ Capital goods
Define nationalism. Loyalty and love for one's country.
The Europeans drew random boundaries to divide Africa. How did this effect the continent? Put ethnic and religious groups together that did not get along.
What is the main religion in northern Africa? Islam
In what country can most of the Ashanti tribe be found? Ghana
True or False: The major religion of the Bantu people is Christianity. False - they practice many different religions.
Who holds all of the power in a federal form of government? Power is shared between national and local governments.
Which of the following countries has an autocratic government (the people have very few rights) - Kenya, South Africa or Sudan Sudan
What is the main disease in sub-Saharan Africa? AIDS
Name the highest mountain in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro
Is the Swahili ethnic group mainly in eastern or western Africa? Eastern
True or False: Water is readily available in all African countries. False - water is unevenly distributed throughout Africa.
True or False: One cause of desertification is deforestation. True.
In what areas of Africa can the best farmland and the most animals be found? The grasslands of the savanna.
Why did the Europeans colonize Africa? For the natural resources.
In what two countries can guinea worm still be found? Ghana and Sudan
What African country recently voted to divide itself into two countries? Sudan
True or False: One result of AIDS is a large number of orphaned children. True.
Developed or developing: Countries with a large number of people who farm Developing
What did countries around the world do to try to get South Africa to end Apartheid? Put an embargo on South Africa.
Embargoes, tariffs and quotas are all examples of _____________ ___________________ Trade barriers - anything that prevents or slows down one country from exchanging goods with another.
When local governments have more power than the central government this is a _____________ Confederation
In what type of economy would you be most likely to find bartering? Command, market or traditional? Traditional
Taking over a country for economic and military advantages is called _______________ Imperialism
When did most African countries gain their independence from the Europeans? 1950's to 1970's
Who was the first black president of South Africa? Nelson Mandela
When did ALL South Africans get to vote? 1994



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