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Ch 16 Urinary Anatom

Ch 16 Bontrager Urinary Anatomy

Which structures create a 20 degree angle between the upper pole and lower pole of the kidney? The Psoas Major Muscle
What is the specific name for the mass of fat that surrounds each kidney? Adipose Capsule
What degree of rotation from supine is required to place the kidney's parallel to the IR? 30 degrees
Which term describes an abnormal drop of the kidney's when the patient is placed erect? Nephroptosis
What are the 3 functions of the Urinary System? To remove Nitrogenous waste. To regulate water levels. To regulate acid-base balance.
What is a buildup of nitrogenous waste called? Uremia
What is the longitudinal fissure found along the central medial border of the kidney called? Hilum
What is the term that describes the total functioning portion of the kidney? Renal Parenchyma
What is the microscopic functional and structural unit if the kidney called? Nephron
Which structure of the medulla is made up of a collection of tubules that drain into the minor calyx? Renal Pyramids
What is the older term for the Glomerular Capsule? Bowman's Capsule
Where do the afferent arterioles bring blood to? Where does the efferent arterioles of the Glomerulus bring bood to? The afferent arterioles supply blood to the Glomerulus. The efferent arterioles take blood away to the secondary capillary network.
Which 2 processes move urine through the ureters to the bladder? Gravity & Peristalsis
What is the name of the junction found between the distal ureters and urinary bladder? Ureterovesical Junction
What is the name of the inner, posterior region of the bladder formed by 2 ureters entering & the urethra exiting? Trigone
What is the total capacity of the average adult bladder? 350 ml - 500 ml
Which to bony landmarks do the kidney's lie halfway between? The Xiphoid Process and the Iliac Crests
Which direction are the kidney's rotated in the body? Which position would the patient need to be in to put the kidney in profile with the IR? Normal kidney rotation is 30 degree anteverted. The patient would need to be placed in a 30 degree posterior oblique position when supine. To see the right kidney, place the patient in 30 degree LPO.
Which structures of the Nephron are located in the Medulla? Loop of Henle (Ascending & Descending Limb of Loop of Henle), The Collecting Duct.
Which structures of the Nephron are located in the Renal Cortex? The Afferent & Efferent Arterioles, the Glomerular (Bowman's) Capsule, The Proximal & Distal Convoluted Tubule.
When is the Filtrate termed Urine? When it reaches the Minor Calyx.
How many Liters of blood are filtered through the kidney's in 1 minute? 1 Liter (150 cc's)
How much filtrate do the kidney's remove from the blood in 24 hours? 180 Liters
At what capacity of the urinary bladder does the urge to urinate arise? at 250 ml
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