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Bushong Ch 24

Computer science Ch 24

When was the first commercially developed computer in operation? 1951
What was the name of the first commercial computer called?? UNIVAC
What was the first general purpose computer ran with? vacuum tubes
What do modern day computer use to store data? silicon chips
Everything about the computer that is visible? hardware
A mouse or a touch pad are examples of what? input hardware
Monitors and printers are examples of what? output hardware
What are the fastest types of computers; they are also for weather forecasting and oil exploration? supercomputers
What is an example of computer hardware? keyboard
This type of computer is used in airlines, banks, and universities? mainframe
______________ is responsible for data transferred from the main memory and the input and output hardware? CPU central processing unit
What is the main circuit board of the computer? motherboard
Name some common archival or secondary storage devices. Tape, diskette, hard disk
This describes the smallest unit of measure, 0 or 1. bit
Eight _____ make up a _______. bits, byte
2 ___________ make a ________. bytes, word
What is the oldest computer language for algebraic programs? FORTRAN
What are some of the active storage components in a computer? ROM, SRAM, DRAM
MAC, Windows, and Unix are common ______________. operating systems
What program was invented to make a program easier to understand? interpreter
What program is the most popular for teaching programming concepts? Pascal
This program was developed for children? LOGO
This program is what our US Department of Defense uses? ADA
This program is used for spreadsheets and word processing? Macros
This program was designed for coding business data processing problems? COBOL
What is the name of the program that a computer uses when it is first turned on? bootstrap
What are the 2 classifications of computer program? system and application
This type of computer program is used for editing, implementing, and decoding? QuickBASIC's
Convert the binary digits to a number. 10010 18
Convert the number 122 to a binary digit 1111010
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