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Ch 38 bushong

Radiation Protection

What type of switch is the fluoro exposure control switch? dead man
What is primary radiation? the useful beam
How accurate must the collimator light be to the SID? within 2%
What is the leakage radiation limits for the tube @ 1 m from the housing? 100 mR/hr
What must the control panel show? beam on time (or how long the radiation is being produced)
What is the minimum requirement for filtration at 50 to 70 kVp range? 1.5 mm of al
What is the minimum requirement of filtration at 70 or above kVp? 2.5 mm of al
The PBL must be accurate to ______ % of the SID. 2 %
What is the primary protective barrier for the fluoro tube? The image intensifier itself!
How much lead must cover the bucky slot opening in the table? at least .25 mm of lead
The intensity of scatter radiation 1 m from the patient should be about _______ % of the intensity of the useful beam? .1 %
______ ______ is that radiation that is emitted from the tube housing in all directions, other than the useful beam. leakage radiation
What should the SSD be on stationary fluoro equipment? 38 cm
Variations in x-ray intensity reproducibility should not exceed ____________ %. 5%
What must the total filtration of the fluoro beam be? at least 2.5 mm of al
When the output radiation intensities should be constant from one exposure to another? reproducibility
When adjacent mA stations are used, the output intensity should remain the same? linearity
How much lead should a protective curtain contain? .25 mm of lead
How much lead must be contained in the imaging intensifier receptor? 2mm of lead
For automatic collimation devices, an underexposed border should be visible _____________. at all heights!
What is the cumulative timer used for? let the radiologist know that 5 min has gone by
At 80 kVp, the intensity of the x-ray beam at the tabletop level of a fluoroscope should not exceed ________/min. 2.1 R
What is more sensitive, precise to 1mrad and has a wide dynamic range? OSL optically stimulated dosimeter
________ is a quantity that reflect both the volume of tissue irradiated and the dose received? DAP dose area product
A ________ area can occupy anyone. uncontrolled
A __________ area is occupied primarily by radiology personnel and patients. controlled
What type of radiation detector is based on the ionization of gas? Gas filled detector
The ________ ________ is the basis for the gamma camera in nuclear medicine and is also used in CT. scintilliation detector
Instrument designed to measure the accumulation of intensity of radiation? dosimeters
This type of detector can differentiate between alpha and beta particles. proportional counter
This type of detector is difficult to calibrate and can measure a single ionizing event? geiger-muller counter
This type of detector is reusable, and responds proportionally to the dose? TLD thermoluminescent dosimeter
Any wall to which the primary beam can be directed is designated a ________________. primary protective barrier
The control console is considered a _________ barrier? secondary protective
What are the 3 types of radiation? primary, scatter, leakage
What is the secondary barrier designed to do? absorb scatter and leakage radiation
Created by: radgirl37