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wcc immunity

various immunity terms / desc

T-lymphocytes cell mediate immunity; killers, helpers, suppressors
B-lymphocytes antibody production/Ig production; plasma and memory cells
Natural Killer do not require an antigen to become active
Leukocytes white cells
neutrophils clear, granulocytes
eosinophils red, granulocytes
basophiles blue/purple, granulocytes
monocytes agranulocytes, contain vacuoles which don't stain
lympocytes agranulocytes, huge nucleus
lymphocytes NK, T-Killer, B,
macrophage monocytes to macrophage
phargocytosis macrophages, momocytes, and neutrophils
interferon prod when cell is infected
complement enzymes that work together to lyse membrane of foreign cells
specific immunity aimed at specific antigens, b cells
cell mediate immunity T cells
cytotoxic T cell attach to antigen and kills
helper t cell lymphokines, attract other immune cells
suppressor t cells negative feedback, inhibit b cell (plasma)
Humoral Immunity B cell production, specific antigen
Plasma cell (b) produces Ab
Memory (b) clones the original b cell, quick immune response
IgM 1st responder
IgG chronic exposure, 2nd responder, good immune response
IgA mucosal linings (aakkk)
IgE attached to mast cells
Natural passive imm colostrum, limited
natural active imm development of antibodies during disease process
artificial passive imm antiserum containing antibodies from another host
artificial active imm vaccination
attenuated strain is mixed with an adjuvant
adjuvant aggravates the skin to increase response
feline fibrosarcoma tumor at injection site
MLV fever, lethargry from Modified live
anaphylactic type 1
granulomas type 4
Type 1 immediate, IgE
Type 2 cytotoxic; AIHA (autoimmune hemolytic anemia)
type 3 immune complex; rheumatoid arthritis, arthus reaction, glomerulonephritis
type 4 delayed; granulomas, TB testing, AIHA, Autoimmune skin disorders, myasthenia gravis, lupus keratitis sicca
AIHA auto immune hemolytic anemia, type 2, coombs test; Tx predinisone etc.
Myasthenia gravis canines, connections between nerves and muscles leading to muscle wasting
Glomerulonephritis Type 3, vaccine assoc.
Lupus type 2 and 3, inflammation of variety of tissues
Autoimmune thyroiditis type 2 and 4; destruction of thyroid
keratoconjunctivitis sicca AKA Keratitis sicca type 4; immune attack of lacrimal gland (eye)
Elisa test specific antibody test
IFA (indirect flourescent antibody) Fluorescence of the antibody/antigen when ex under microscope
CELISA same as ELISA/gives semi-quantitative results
Latex Agglutination latex particles are coated with antibody and suspended in water,
titer measure of the quantity of a specific antibodies (IgG)
Wester Blot (blank)
Polymerase Chain REaction (PCR) (blank)
Serologic Tests (blank)
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