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RCP113 Meds #4

Diuretics, Muscle Relaxants & Drugs affecting the CNS

Trade NameInfo
Diamox Gen Nm: Acetazolamide Type: Diuretic Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor Uses: As Tx for metabolic alkalosis
Mannitol Gen Nm: Mannitol Type: Diuretic Osmotic Diuretic Uses: To decrease ICP
Diuril Gen Nm: Chlorothiazide Type: Diuretic Thiazide Diuretic Uses: CHF, Hypertension
Aldactone Gen Nm: Spironolactone Type: Diuretic K+ sparing Diuretic Uses:
Anectine (aka Succs) Gen Nm:Succinylcholine Chloride Type: Neuromuscular Blocking agent The ONLY Depolarizing Agent Uses: To fascilitate intubations ** Short action
Curare Gen Nm: Turbocurarine Type: NMBA Non-depolarizing
Pavulon Gen Nm: Pancuronium Type: NMBA Non-depolarizing
Norcuron Gen Nm: Vecuronium Type: NMBA Non-depolarizing
Tracrium Gen Nm: Atratracurium Type: NMBA Non-depolarizing
Nimbex Gen Nm: Cisatracurium Type: NMBA Non-depolarizing
Zemuron Gen Nm: Rocuronium Type: NMBA Non-depolarizing
Elavil Gen Nm: Amitriptyline Type: Antidepressant Tricyclic
Prozac Gen Nm: Fluoxetine Type: Antidepressant SSRI
Zoloft Gen Nm: Sertraline Type: Antidepressant SSRI
Lithium Gen Nm: Lithium Type: Mood Stabilizer Uses: BiPolar Disorder
Tegretol Gen Nm: Carbamazepine Type: Mood Stabilizer Uses: BiPolar Disorder
Haldol Gen Nm: Haloperidol Type: Antipsychotic
Thorazine Gen Nm: Chlorpromazine Type: Antipsychotic
Ativan Gen Nm: Lorazepam Type: Sedative Benzodiazepine
Xanax Gen Nm: Alprazolam Type: Sedative Benzodiazepine
Vlaium Gen Nm: Diazepam Type: Sedative Benzodiazepine
Versed Gen Nm: Midazolam Type: Sedative Benzodiazepine
Nembutal Gen Nm: Pentobarbital Type: Sedative Barbiturate
Seconal Sodium Gen Nm: Secobarbital Type: Sedative Barbiturate
Solarcaine Gen Nm: Benzocaine Type: Anesthetic Local
Xylocaine Gen Nm: Lidocaine Type: Anesthetic Local
Marcaine Gen Nm: Bupivacaine Type: Anesthetic Local
Pentothal Gen Nm: Thiopental Type: Anesthetic Barbiturate
Brevital Gen Nm: Methohexital Type: Anesthetic Barbiturate
Morphine Gen Nm: Morphine Type: Analgesic Narcotic
Codeine Gen Nm: Codeine Type: Analgesic Narcotic
Demerol Gen Nm: Meperidine Type: Analgesic Narcotic
Nubain Gen Nm: Nalbuphine Type: Analgesic Narcotic
ASA Gen Nm: Aspirin Type: Analgesic Non-Narcotic
Tylenol Gen Nm: Acetaminophen Type: Analgesic Non-Narcotic
Motrin Gen Nm: Ibuprofen Type: Analgesic Non-Narcotic
Aquachloral Supprettes Gen Nm: Chloral Hydrate Type: Sedative Hypnotic Uses:Conscious Sedation
Propofol Gen Nm: Diprivan Type: Sedative Hypnotic Uses:Conscious Sedation
Ketanest Gen Nm: Ketamine Type: Sedative Hypnotic Uses:Conscious Sedation
Narcan Gen Nm: Naloxone Type: Respiratory Stimulant Uses: Compensation for anesthetics or opiates
Tensilon Gen Nm: Edrophonium Type: Actylcholinesterase Inhibitor Uses: Reversal of drug-induced paralysis
Prostigmin Gen Nm: Neostigmine Type: Actylcholinesterase Inhibitor Uses: Reversal of drug-induced paralysis
Created by: JimStry