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BT Africa

Countries, leaders and events in Africa

The dictator of Tunisia for many years until 2011, when a popular democratic uprising forced him to flee the country. Ben Ali
Dictator of Egypt for 30 years, ruled with the military and used fear; people rose up peacefully and forced him to give up his powers in Feb. 2011. Hosni Mubarak
Dictator of Libya since 1969, took over with the military and gives long rambling speeches; people rose up against him in Feb and March 2011, but he is using his military to kill civilians and crush opposition. Moammar Gadhafi
This was the name of Tunisia's recent peaceful revolution, named after a local sweet-smelling flower. Jasmine Revolution
This is the form of government that most people in the Middle East and North Africa are seeking; one things for sure - they don't want dictators anymore! democracy
This ethnic group is Christian, located in southwestern Nigeria, occupies Lagos as a trade center, and dominated the politics of the country for a long time. Yoruba
This ethnic group lives in southeastern Nigeria, tried breaking away in a civil war in 1967, and has local democracy through councils of elders. Ibo
These ethnic groups in northern Nigeria controlled trade across the Sahara for many centuries; today they make up a majority of the people in Nigeria and are Muslim. Hausa-Fulani
This is the old capital of Nigeria and a major trading port, especially for oil; it is still the biggest city in Africa. Lagos
This is the current leader of Sudan who has been charged with war crimes and started the genocide in Darfur in 2003. Omar al-Bashir
This is the western region of Sudan that rebelled in 2003, and they have suffered shooting from the Sudanese government in a planned genocide. Darfur
This is the group of "devils on horseback" that rides into Darfur and kills the people. They are Arab Muslim and keep the lands they steal. janjaweed
This ethnic group of Rwanda makes up 85% of the population, is indigenous to the region, and are mostly farmers...they were responsible for the 1994 genocide. Hutu
This ethnic group of Rwanda are herders, make up 15% of the population, and were favored by the Belgians; the genocide targeted them in 1994. Tutsi
This dictator of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (aka Zaire) ruled for 30 years and nationalized many resources and businesses, which led to a civil war and his overthrow in 1997. Mobutu Sese Seko
This African country is considered a failed state; an Islamic group claims control, but other parts of the country claim to be independent. The country is also involved in piracy. Somalia
This is strict interpretation of the Quran by Muslims that is turned into political laws for a country. Sharia
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